Cortèz Outerwear - Live on Kickstarter on Monday, February 27th

CORTÈZ | High-Performance Outerwear at a Revolutionary Price

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As you can probably guess by its title, this is the media kit of the outerwear brand Cortèz :) In here you will find almost everything you’ll need to know about our newly launched ski jacket collection: from high-res product images to press release material, plus some bonus pictures of our team.

Hopefully it provides all you need to know about our project and gives you plenty of reasons to support us and our Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for checking it out and in case you have questions, comments, ideas, or just want to say hello… Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Wiebe, Wouter and Herman

P.S. You can find all images featured in our media kit via this link:

About the Jacket

Video features a men’s jacket in yellow. Our collection is also available for women, for pictures see below.

This is our first collection of high-quality outerwear jackets, especially designed for all skiing adventures. Every product is designed in-house and comes with amazing features and practical pockets for easy access to your most needed items.

The Dermizax® membrane (fabric) we use is ideal for outdoor activities: waterproof, breathable and durable for years.

Our dissatisfaction with the prices for similar jackets offered by the major players in the industry, led us to create Cortèz: High-Performance Outerwear straight from the manufacturer.

As an internet-only brand, we are able to create premium outerwear for a much better price than companies that sell through traditional retail channels.

At the same time, we easily keep up with the top level products of brands such as North Face, Patagonia and Arc’teryx.


· High-quality materials - 3-layer fabric construction, breathable and waterproof Dermizax® membrane.
· Manufacturing expertise - We work with world-renowned manufacturers and our team has 35+ years of experience in the technical outerwear industry.
· Outstanding design - Every jacket is designed in-house, with an emphasis on functionality, simplicity and style.
· Excellent value - By cutting out the middlemen, we are able to sell premium outerwear for a price that is +40% lower than the available options in the market.

About our Team

This is us, rocking the Cortèz jacket! We are passionate skiers with an extensive background in clothing production, fashion and entrepreneurship.


Hashtags: #goexplore #cortez

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Men’s Collection

Women’s Collection

More Features and Mid-layer Jacket

Mid-layer jacket