#IUF2015 in Brazil is now!

#IUF2015: Internet Ungovernance Forum 2015 Brazil
Revolution News will be hosting livestreams and coverage for the 2015 Internet Ungovernance Forum, November 9 through 13 in João Pessoa — Paraíba, Brazil in cooperation with Partido Pirata.
What is #IUF2015?
The Internet Ungovernance Forum is for everyone who demands that fundamental freedoms, openness, unity and net neutrality remain the building blocks of the Internet. The objective is to talk about the true and real problems of the Internet, how can we solve them and to chart a path for action.
#IUF2015 is organized by Partido Pirata and has support of Pirate Parties from around the world, but the event is nonpartisan.

Why is #IUF2015 in João Pessoa, Brazil?

The Internet Ungovernance Forum (IUF) will run parallel to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) which runs November 10 to 13 also in João Pessoa, Brazil. The IGF is a UN initiative in which governments, corporations and civil society representatives discuss the future of “multilateral governance of the Internet.”

The “multilateral governance of the Internet” is a fake circus, filled with sterile discussions to keep citizens engaged, as companies and governments give the final say in which there is nothing concrete in defense of the collective interest.
Follow #IUF2015

Follow #IUF2015

“Due to the format of the event, the main perpetrators of many of the internet’s problems, governments and corporations, will have a representation in the IGF they do not deserve.

For us, the most vital problems today are censorship and freedom of speech; surveillance and privacy; excessive commercialization and super-monopolies; protective, prohibitionist and conservative governance approaches; awful governance examples as in the case of Brazil and the list goes on. Further, we do not see any of these problems independent of the greater political, social and economic contexts in which the Internet and related digital infrastructures are embedded in.

We want to reclaim the Internet as a fundamental infrastructure of our societies, cities, education, health, work, media, communications, culture and everyday activities.

We call on our participants to resist seeing the problems of the Internet as only technological and void of its materiality.” — IUF website

Where is #IUF2015?

The Internet Ungovernance Forum will take place in Auditorium of Centro de Ciências Humanas, Letras e Artes of Universidade Federal da Paraíba from November 9 to 13 of 2015.
Amelia Andersdotter
Swedish activist, member of the European Parliament from 2011–2014 for the Piratpartiet.

Fabiane Bogdanovicz
Intersectional feminist, activist for Animal Rights, works with Solidarity Economy and is former General Secretary of the Pirate Party in Brazil.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Activist, writer, poet and member of the Parliament of Iceland for the Pirate Party in Iceland.

David Miranda
Brazilian coordinator of the campaign for asylum to Edward Snowden in Brazil.

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