Blogging for the sake of…well..Blogging

If you’re reading this, then chances are, you clicked on the wrong Cory. I know I know, self-deprecating humor can only go so far in starting a fan following, or entertaining a family/friend base who may or may not ACTUALLY want to read a blog. But at the present moment I am sitting at my desk, with absolutely nothing to do, and I thought this might be a good idea. Sue me.

Originally, I was thinking that I would start a blog about things I do. Sounds pretty simple right? I do lots of things, I told myself. I watch TV, I play with my dogs; I read, and I do some pretty epic (or at least what I think is epic) mountain biking. “Things I do” would be the perfect blog, right?

Well then I started writing, and I realized that this blog would be in no simple terms, exactly the same as about a bajillion other blogs out there. EVERYONE does things. And that’s when the self-doubt and “bummed out” feeling hit. I just started a blog, that may or may not be read by the aforementioned friend/family base, and I am going to bore everyone to tears. Like, fall asleep with your hand on the mouse bored. Or start drooling you’re so passed out in college Geology bored. Which definitely doesn’t sound like something I’d want people doing if I’m indeed taking the time to write something that I feel is substantial and possibly entertaining.

So now I’m going to have to figure out something intelligent to write about. Which is going to require much more thought on my end, and a whole lot of FAITH. Faith that people actually care about my life, and the possibly mundane things I do in it. JOY.

This should definitely be interesting, and if you are the one person that has read my blog so far, I hope you enjoyed it. You’re my new readership. YOU. I think that makes you special. -CB