Week 35 Retrospective

Grind, grind, grind

Cory Zue
3 min readNov 20, 2017


This week felt very “normal” — in that my time and effort distributions were pretty similar to past weeks, and I didn’t have any major milestones or events to hallmark it. It was a good week, just a nondescript one.

I wonder if these types of week will become quite common as I establish more of a rhythm, and I wonder if that would be a bad thing for my own long term growth and development.

Or maybe stability is good?

Who knows!

Feels like a problem for future me.

Place Card Stats

Numbers stayed pretty consistent from last week with 27 sales and $56 in revenue — the latter a new weekly record.

The holiday season — and in particular Thanksgiving in the US — is when the highest search volume for place cards happen each year.

Search data for “place cards”. Source: Google Trends

Because of this I’ve spent a bit of time adding seasonal/holiday designs and they’ve been selling pretty well! We’ll see whether the sales numbers go back down once the holidays are over, or whether I’ve reached a “new normal”.

On a side note — I expect to hit 100,000 place cards made today or tomorrow! That number is quite fun, despite it being an obvious vanity metric.

Goal Report Card

Bit of a mixed bag this week. Also a shorter list as my “committed” work for others has been a bit higher than usual.


  1. Added a bunch more seasonal designs, did some high level planning/roadmapping for the next few months, implemented some more small feature requests that came in.
  2. Attempted to work on the blog, but struggled to stay motivated/focused. Hope to power through this week.
  3. All good. A bit busy.
  4. Participated in Dimagi’s tech team hackathon and made what is (hopefully) a useful new report. Next step is to work with the product team to get it release-ready.


Looking good again this week with 30 hours for others and 17 hours for myself (not counting physical/mental health and day-to-day life stuff).

Week 35 time breakdown

The Dimagi time also made a huge transition into more proactive and non-overhead work which is great. Hoping that trend can continue.


Had my best overall day of surfing again this week on Sunday. Reminded me of this blog I wrote.

Also took in some nice sunsets.

— Cory

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