This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley
Sunil Rajaraman

Eventually you get fed up. You are not really living. You leave your job. Your girlfriend does too. You book a flight to Thailand. It takes 23 hours to get there.

You feel liberated. The food is amazing. You fly to Bali. You meet up with your long lost friend that moved there 5 years ago. He rents out villas on Airbnb. He has a two bedroom house with a pool. He spends everyday with his girlfriend at the beach.

You get an idea in the back of a taxi. You learned to program after you graduated from college. People always ask you about it. You’ll write a book! You fly to Australia. You rent a car and live in it with your girlfriend for a week. You camp in the mountains with kangaroos. This is living.

After traveling for two months you are exhausted. You fly back home. Back to the same routine. You’ve talked and talked about it. You finally decide to do it. You move to Oregon.

You rent the big house you always wanted. Complete with a backyard and garden. It costs less than the 500 square foot apartment you had in San Francisco. 60,000 words later you finish your book. You put it on Kickstarter. Your project is funded in 4 days. Maybe this will all work out and you won’t ever have to go back. You realize you live in paradise.