Weight Is Still Dropping!

It just keeps going….I can deal with that.

Okay, so I’m down from 281.6 to 228.7 as of this morning. Almost 53 pounds. This is going better than I could have expected at the age of (now) 43. I've increased my weight loss goal down from 220 to 210. I figure that if I can get down there, it will be a great place to start when I switch exercise programs (when I’m actually exercising—I've been on a break—more explanation to follow later) and go to something that packs some actual meat on. My arms look way too small for this torso of mine, even with the torso losing a bunch of lard off of it…. This is the lowest I've been since right after my brother’s wedding six years ago. I’d have to go back to 1999 to be any lower than this (was 225 for that trip to Jamaica back then).

As for the exercise break, the first three weeks were me just getting off track with activities and events. The past week, however has been because I've finally hurt myself (doing something other than planned exercise). I think I've torn a muscle behind my shoulder blade, and when I stretch to bend over and lift something with my left arm, later on the muscles say, you've torn something. So, I've been resting it, and it gets “better”, but then if I use it again in the same fashion, the pain comes back again. It’s been getting slowly better and better because when the pain comes back, it’s never as bad as when it first started, nor as bad as the previous time it returned. I just have to watch my posture (hunching doesn't help it), and let it heal for the next couple of weeks.

Once I am satisfied that it is gone, then I will start the Metabolic Aftershock program over, and see if I can’t make it the nine weeks.

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