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How To Tell If He’s In Love With You

I know there’s a difference between types of love.

How I love my mom is not how I love my man.

So, sometimes I find myself wondering: how do I know if my boyfriend loves me or is in love with me?

This Is How I Know

He kisses me with his eyes open. Like me, he needs proof.

I tell him, “there's no reason to prove your love for me. I know you do.”

Yet, he does. Just because.

He buys me things that we don't need when we're suppose to be saving money.

He made me a homemade birthday card. Who cares if he's 33.

He holds me when I try to let go, even when I'm late for work.

He twerks in the mall. I flush bright red. Everyone's looking. I walk straight ahead.

He cuddles without promoting.

He lets me match our shoes.

He thinks my bed-hair is a legitimate hairdo.

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