Want To Make Big Progress? Stay Forever Curious
Tom Kuegler

Tom, I needed this post today. After surviving meth addiction, I’ve begun freelance writing, dabbling into Real Estate, teaching myself to code, and reading up on authors I never allowed myself to enjoy in college -- H.P. Lovecraft, Neil Patel, etc.

As I began to focus less on what being successful meant, I started enjoying the road to success more. Now, with little accomplishes on paper, I feel more successful than I did 6 years ago at the start of my journey with drugs.

6 years ago I cared about doing what I thought my parents wanted me to do; I strove to perform passed on the expectations of professors; I found the best deals on ecstasy because my fellow ravers celebrated my efforts.

None of that matters, now.

Now, I pursue what I enjoy and work part-time selling coffee to pay my bills. I make a fraction of what I used to as a drug dealer, and much less than when I was working at a job inline with my degree (psychology).

Oddly enough, I’m satisfied. I feel that pursuing my curiosities will pay off, and after reading this, my confidence in that notion has doubled.