I have essentially given up on implementing an Universal Basic Income solely atop “blockchains.” My next project, http://democratic.money , will be a simulation of the Universal Basic Income solution in the original article you replied to. It will run on a single server for now, just so I can validate the social network component. After that, I’ll figure out how to distribute it among a few tens of servers run by cooperating organizations.
Oh, my friend! Your words bring literal tears to my eyes!
Fabiana Cecin

We need somewhere bettween 2 and 13 currencies that are traded using the heuristic human dataset/belief/feeling/analysts…. Tiebreaker(s)? Allowing for deadlock.. if you choose not to decide…

But we need to exchange them in real life. Away from clocks. Timeless. Balance in the force or the holy spirit or ‘pure organic’ understanding that too is a machine we will never be able to understand, nor should we want too.

Yes. We are intellectually well met good foils and complimentary angles.

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