A Call to Action

Once upon a time, people posted moments of themselves in the midst of growth on social media networks.

There were countless gym selfies.

There were pictures of people in front of that new house they rented or bought.

There were countless pictures of Caesar salads with the caption “This diet thing is killing me!”

… And, of course, we all knew that one guy that just started Crossfit and wouldn’t shut up about it.

However, people started to shun, criticize, and condemn such posts. And now, gym selfies are taboo, nobody wants to hear about your raise, and people dislike it when you post pictures of the new car you just bought with the caption “First big girl/boy purchase!” Even the picture I posted above got some “who does he think he is” hate.

Instead, we now have Snapchat videos of people falling down in the front yard and laughing hysterically from too many shots of tequila at 4 a.m.

We now have countless, unoriginal “5 things you need to thank your college roommate for now” posts.

We now have Instagrams full of more filters than an Olympic swimming pool.

… And, of course, the infamous “How I’m dealing with life” memes where people seem to take pride in the chaos and pain in their life that they can’t handle.

My point is this guys- when did it become so cool to be mediocre, and so bad to do well in life? You need to understand that if you genuinely want to post a gym selfie, but do not do it because you are afraid of what people may say, you are no better than the people who filter their life through social media. You are living a double standard just as much as they are.

If you eat a salad for lunch, and you are proud of that, be authentic and post a picture of the salad.

If you don’t normally make it out to the gym, but you did today and “got a great workout in!”, post that and be proud!

Now, more than ever, the world needs authentic people who genuinely want to be successful in life, especially on social media platforms that are literally soon to take over huge chunks of our daily lives. It is not conceited to make positive posts, no matter what people may say. If one person sees you comfortable in your own skin, and unabashedly posting pictures of your personal growth, you just may inspire that one person to do better.

So stop being fake proud of looking for an “Adult who is more Adultier than you.”

Stop being fake proud of “literally not even being able to deal.”

Stop turning your nose up at gym selfies, new house pictures, or photos of that new “beach body” somebody just worked their ass off for.

Let’s support each other. The world is already hard enough on us as it is, without us gossiping about another’s attempt to grow.

Be authentic, and your influence will begin to grow far beyond what any “Blah, Mondays” meme will ever get you.

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