Why You Deserve Everything You Get …

The talking, the complaining, the whining is all around and I’m just bored. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of removing the influences from my life that swim in negativity but somehow that negativity still finds a way in, a way to the top, a way to kill confidence and make people hesitate. I’ve had enough.

A huge factor in winning seems to be the competition in each of our own minds between the confidence that we can do something and the self-doubt that we can’t. The tugging and pulling of these two forces is extremely powerful. It’s something I’ve always felt in myself and also something that seems to be pulling on so many of the most successful people in the world.

That fight in the mind seems to drive all the activities of those successful people and seems to be entirely missing from so many who struggle to push through to their goals.

The desire for huge results is common but the interest in working to make those results happen is scarce.

Startup founders say: ‘why won’t anyone invest in my business?’

Wannabe thought-leaders say: ‘how do I get people to pay attention to my … thoughts?’

Salespeople say ‘why don’t my prospects buy my product?’

Everyone wants something, they want something big and bold and hard to get but many don’t want to take the steps to get there. Why? Because they think they deserve it without putting in the real work it takes to earn it. This set of goals and the miseducation of our world toward how attainable those goals are is WAAAAY off.

This theory that someone …

  1. Deserves funding because they have a startup
  2. Deserves readers because they write and listeners because they speak
  3. Deserves customers because they sell

… is ludicrous.


Startup Founder — You don’t know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of that investor and you haven’t even tried.

Wannabe Thought Leader — You haven’t earned the credibility from your audience for them to give you their attention and you haven’t even tried.

Salesperson — You don’t understand the complexities that group of people needs to consider before making a decision to buy your product/service and you haven’t even tried.

Why do some startup founders think they don’t deserve scrutiny of their business from investors but do deserve their money? Because they’re lost and they haven’t considered the world outside their own head. You deserve everything you get. Each startup must earn what they want.

Why do some people think they don’t deserve the scrutiny of their thoughts but do deserve to be a thought leader? Because they’re lost and they haven’t considered the world outside their own head. You deserve everything you get. Each thought leader must earn what they want.

Why do some sales people think that they don’t deserve the scrutiny of their prospect but do deserve them becoming a customer? Because they’re lost and they haven’t considered the world outside their own head. You deserve everything you get. Each sales person must earn what they want.

I used to believe that there was no danger in being over-confident. I’ve realized that I was wrong. Too much confidence breeds complacency and a lack of preparedness, limited desire to learn and no ability to adapt. A combination of humility and confidence seems to be a successful recipe for anyone.

Earn It

Startup Founder — Recognize that the investor on the other side of the table is likely someone who has built wealth through blood, sweat, tears and a lifetime of work. How would you feel if someone gave an unsturdy business plan, showed off a mediocre product and gave a less-than-A+ pitch trying to take money from you? Would you invest or sit out? You’d probably sit out.

Thought Leader — Recognize that you earn an audience that continues to give you their attention only if they are gaining something real from your thoughts. And, remember that they’re in charge, so if the value you provide isn’t up to par they will run away fast. Think about the people you give your attention to and how demanding you are of them. Your audience is no less fickle than you.

Salesperson — Recognize that your product/service could be the best in the history of the world and it won’t matter if you don’t understand your buyer, their goals, their business, their motivations, their hopes, their dreams. Think about the biggest purchase you made last year and the process you went through to make that purchase. Your customer has earned the same patience and empathy that you expected when you made that purchase.

You deserve everything you get. Go out and earn what you want.

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