Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that simplifies running your container workloads by abstracting away the underlying compute resources. This video provides an introduction to the Kubernetes concepts for deploying and running your applications and making them resilient to failures.

HashiCorp Vault is a secrets management platform that allows for securely storing and managing sensitive data, such as database or API credentials. This video is an introduction to the core concepts of Vault. It covers using different auth methods to authenticate with Vault, using static secrets, and using dynamic secrets backends to automatically generate and revoke credentials.

Kubernetes + HashiCorp Terraform
Kubernetes + HashiCorp Terraform

Most feature development at Kabbage has happened in short lived branches for the last several years. We use feature branches as a means for keeping the master branch in an always (🤞) releasable state. To help ensure that our master branch stays sane, we like to test changes before we merge the branch.

When we first adopted this pattern, Kabbage had around 12 developers and 3 testers. We decided to make 4 new static environments that were scaled down clones of our production environments. This worked for a while. A developer would write their code and run tests locally, we’d…

Cory Lucas

Principal Engineer at Kabbage, Inc.

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