I totally disagree Cory.
Barrett Hong

I published this the morning after the initial show aired, so her follow up is fairly irrelevant to the content above. Here’s my issue: The right loves to use stupid terms, like “snowflake” and “gotcha question” and “MSM” and whatever other dumb crap fits into a meme. Go to the Conservative Daily Facebook page, if you’re a masochist (I am). So the narrative is already there for them.

I’m not saying don’t investigate his taxes. Please, investigate the hell out of them. And discuss those investigations, please. Please, discuss the shit out of them. But, and here’s the but…don’t sensationalize news that shouldn’t be sensationalized. The left is waiting for some magic bullet news to be unearthed that will get Trump impeached. That’s not going to happen. All that tweet, and initial show, did was to harden the already conspiracy-level views of people who have never ventured more than 30 miles outside their hometown.

I’d argue that news pundits are sensationalizing fairly mundane news items, when they should be sensationalizing what now passes as a three minute segment. Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. Say it, cover it, put Republicans in the corner over it. Constantly. Otherwise, this is fluff.