I wish this could reverberate to all the mindless Trumpian sheep: THIS IS A BIG STORY BECAUSE TRUMP…
Andy M

Why can’t the Dummycrats just admit that they butchered Bernie on the chopping block so Hillary could step up and be destroyed? Just admit it already. The DNC is crooked as all get out but they want to push the narrative that the Russians did it!

Dummycrats: “We didn’t BLOW IT! It was the Russians!” What the Dems can’t do is admit they fucked it up. They fucked up the best chance they had, a guy who had a decent shot at beating Trump and they blew it for egotism and the Shill.

Lastly, I keep hearing you discuss connections but you can’t point to one piece of evidence that Russia ruined the US election. Show me the crime Andy!! Show it to me! CNN can find a Redditor who posts a .gif of Donald Trump on WWE in less than 48 hours but can’t find ONE SINGLE PIECE OF HARD EVIDENCE. Before you spew at the mouth, think long and hard about the lack of any empirical evidence of collusion or foul play. When you find it, call CNN, MSNBC, NBC, don’t waste your time replying to me!

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