Dominick Poling
May 16, 2017 · 2 min read

Top 5 Tip for the Indian Travelers Traveling To Vietnam


1. Know Where You Want To Arrival

Before traveling to a new country, it is better to equip yourself with useful information about it. Did you know Vietnam is officially known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam? Hanoi is the capital and Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in this country. The official nation language is Vietnamese, and the nation currency is Dong.

The weather in Vietnam is hot and dry for most part of the year. Heavy rainfall is experienced between June and September. Once you intend to visit Vietnam, just remember that you avoid travelling in these months.

2. Important Documents Always In Your Bag

It is required to take along several photocopies of all important documents such as your passport, the visa papers, approval letter, the driver’s license, etc. These documents should be kept in safe place, away from the originals as a backup (just in case you misplace your original papers). To be more safe, scan these documents and upload them electronically to the cloud (or in your storage) so that you can display them whenever required.

3. Keep safe by get Vaccinated

In many countries, a cholera vaccination certificate needs to be required as a condition of entry. Keep the vaccination certificates along with your travel documents so that you can display them at the airport if necessary. Also, do take along mosquito repellants and sunblock lotions.

4. Vietnam Currency

Vietnam Currency is Vietnamese Dong, you should carry along some local currency and spend that wherever possible. Watch out for the special “tourist rates” that the locals might try to charge you. To minimize your chances of getting ripped off, research the going rates of staples such as food and drinks, transport and hotel.

5. Accommodation and Transport

Vietnam has rapidly change into a traveler’s heaven, thanks to the development of tourism industry. You can easily find all kinds of hotels in cities or countryside. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious 5-star hotel , finding one not be a difficul problem. Make sure you book your hotel before traveling if you’re going to travel in the high season.

Public transport is everywhere. Buses are available , but they may not be as comfortable way as you would want them to be. Travelers also have the option of riding on/renting motor. Bus are one of the most popular vehicle as they’re easily available. Also, you can use trains and planes.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival tips and tricks, to be continue