How to Save with Cosa?

The temperature at our homes, where thermostats are not used and the combi boilers continuously run all day, changes continuously in accordance with the temperature outside. If the running temperature of the combi boiler does not increase when the outside temperature decreases, the temperature in your home will also decrease. Therefore, there will be a constantly changing temperature in the house depending on weather conditions.

Room thermostats are devices that allow our combi boilers to function as needed to bring the temperature in our homes to desired levels and keep it stable. In this way, we can both preserve a constant level of temperature in our homes that makes us feel comfortable despite changing weather conditions, and save natural gas/energy by operating the combi boiler just as much as it is required. There are many studies in the literature about saving rates to be achieved via the use of room thermostats. According to these studies, we may be able to save between 5% and 15% depending on thermostat use and our habits.

On the other hand, with programmable thermostats it is possible to set different temperature values for different days and hours of the week in your home. Since every 1 degree of temperature reduction we make in our thermostat setting will allow us to consume between 5% to 8% less natural gas/energy, it is possible to save more by reducing our thermostat settings when we are outdoors or asleep. For example, if the temperature is reduced by 2 degrees while sleeping, and by 4 degrees when outdoors during the day, as the temperature is constantly stable, it is possible to save 3% to 15% more, depending on user habits.

Cosa is able to save more energy than a conventional thermostat by operating your combi boiler in accordance with the cases when the users are at home, asleep or outdoors. For example, for a case where the user wakes up at 07:00 in the morning and leaves home at 08:00, arrives home at 19:00 in the evening and sleeps at 12:00, in the scenario where the temperature is set to 2 degrees lower, an average of total savings by 30% can be achieved, consisting of average savings of 5% during the night, about 15% in the absence of someone at home during the day, and around 10% in the evening compared to the combi boiler without thermostats left at constant temperature all day. In addition, when used without thermostats, the house temperature will vary depending on the outside temperature. In summary, in addition to saving energy by 30%, Cosa brings comfort by keeping our homes at desired levels of temperature.

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