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A short introduction, definition, and differentiation of Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation.

Light, laser, electricity and art photographed by Marius Masalar in Toronto, Canada.


Digitization is simply the act of converting physical information into digital information, such as a printed-out physical paper record that is being scanned into a digital format.

Digitization is the process of creating a digital version of analog/physical…

Why the lack of understanding what a manufacturing method can do, is the biggest adoption hurdle for the vision of “a desktop fabrication machine in every household.”

We’ve reflected a lot about why 3D printing never took off with makers and consumers as everybody imagined it would like desktop computers. Besides the hype of the media, studies of the Maker Market painted a promising picture of a movement empowering normal people with the means of production fueled…

Design Software is the Key to Leverage Skilled Labor, Scale your Business, and Customer-happiness

  • Custom-made + Scaling
    Isn’t something that is supposed to be custom-made inherently excluded from scaling? Not, if you optimize for your customer process with software and leverage your skilled personnel.
  • Scaling + Growth
    To grow you had to sell more. You’d have to add more salespeople, more engineers, more tradespeople… accordingly…

Imagine building relationships and trust with your customers would be that easy online (Photo by Rob By).

Turn Website Users into Loyal Customers by Building Relationships

Have you connected with your customers?

If a customer comes to your store, your workshop, or the office of your company you’ll try to help them and most certainly you will do everything to make their stay enjoyable for them. Whether you’re a shop owner, an artisan, a craftsman you will most likely interact with your…

Stop reading blog posts. You won’t find them in a single blog post. It is what gets you busy in the first place.

Go outside, take a walk. Then get back to work being productive again.

Enabling Manufacturing from Laypersons User Input

How do you get your ideas to a physical product? How do we get the consumers input into the manufacturing machine?

The London Underground, the Tube.

Getting from Idea to ready-made product isn’t a new challenge at all. But, what we’ve experienced ourselves is that cutting edge technology is making it easier than ever. And…

What does an empowered customer mean for business? Do people really want to make themselves, all the time?

Part I of this series is about how the Maker Movement empowers more people than ever before in history to be makers on a professional scale themselves. But what does it mean for business? Do people really want to be making everything themselves all the time?

If people really want…

The Maker Movement empowers people to develop productive forces — to be manufacturers themselves — more than ever before in history.

The Maker Movement is revolutionizing manufacturing. It is influencing the means of production and of exchange.

Part I of this series introduces the shift of means of professional grade production because of the Maker Movement. Part II is looking at the effects on exchange and argues that an empowered customer…

Consumer-influenced and custom-made products require us to be aware of what our customers want in order to make what our customers need.

Most of our manufacturing industries have roots in handcrafted workmanship and made-to-order products. Direct touch-points with customers through local walk-inks, a local salesperson, one-on-one contact allow you to…

Furniture belongs to the “consumer durables/non-food” purchasing category. It will be used over the long-term and has a higher purchase price, which differentiates it from the traditional online channels like books. …


Stories about how you can power your business with CAD and Visual Design Tools for improved visual communication with your customers and teams

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