When It’s a Great Product Or Service

beyond the “you know it when you know it”

As a teenager I loved photography. I still do and it opened my eyes for the more other traditional two-dimensional fine arts. But having the best equipment and knowing all the technical finesse still doesn’t guaranteed for a good picture. On my quest to get better I asked how do professionals know when they have a perfect picture, how do they feel and what they do to get those seemingly rare pieces of art.

1. Frame your world!

I always had an empty slide mount with me to compose pictures of the world surrounding me. It is something I still do today although most digital cameras provide a fairly good screen. It helps to limit the abundance of scrappy shots (the curse of low-cost memory), and you can limit yourself to the real outcome.

2. Measurement: You just can’t help but look at it.

What makes for a good picture is when you want to like to look at it. A great picture then is one that unimposingly hangs on your wall and every time you pass it you cannot but have to take a look at it, or glimpse across the room to get this feeling of warmth when you look at beauty. That is the real measurement of a great piece, of beauty, of fine art.

The same applies to products and services

A place to worship the three-dimensional fine arts

The thing is though while you can influence the first aspect, you can’t manipulate the second. Steve Jobs framed the world with his new products in a way nobody else had seen it before and nobody dared to see. But it is you who feels intrigued when seeing one of his devices. It is a three-dimensional piece of fine art and every time you feel it in your hands, you can’t help but take a look at it. It gets displayed in exhibitions and even gets its own “museums” built in the city centers around the world — places to worship the beauty, the fine arts.

Tech foundation is necessary but not sufficient. It makes it a lot easier for you to take the picture at the right moment, but strolling the exhibition will decide if it possesses the beauty to be captivating. Get an empty slide mount: Having it with me all the time taught me to compose the reality surrounding me constantly. As a startup founder it might help you to find your frame first before painting the beauty and the meaningfulness of art.

What is your empty slide mount? What gives you the frame to create beauty and meaning in your startup? Share your thoughts with us!

Originally published at coshape.is on September 21, 2016.