How the internet affected my life

When I was just a child, the internet was nothing but for rich people from square screens to flat screens as you can see here the timeline of the internet changed rapidly according to google,

as you can see the internets history is quite experience by the time I was born ,the internet was mearly taking adays internet is now not only for rich people nor scientists but for almost everyone

Now not only for social networks but now technology has evolved into medication so the new medication can help us avoid sickness

for the well being of man kind one can not be addicted to technology.Many children have already suffered from this addiction and they are now forgetting what really matters in their life such as, family and friends

some have actually suffered from cyberbullying,abuse and many more these can be provoked and by advanced tech some have actually learned how to hack others devices.By experience,recently someone tried to sign in to my gmail luckily google stopped this but this can happen to even you at this this point technology is already taking over,manipulating someone even like you.but sadly the internet is world wide now

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