5 reasons for your project still into the locker

1. You should have a priority list

First of all, to launch your “extraordinary” idea into the world, you must throw away some activities that are wasting your time. It is sorrowful starting like that, I know. I will list some events that you should pause for a little while (However some events you should break forever):

Supports for friends and relatives: you do not need to stop helping people, it is important to say. Because of that, until you reach your goal, any “philanthropic” activities will be paused without previous notice.

Practice exercise regularly: so you think about your gym, CrossFit training or running at Lagoon? Just say bye. Just with it, you save 1h-2h a day. It is 33 hours/month of work compromised, buddy. Consume more high protein food and focus on low carb diet. It will not be forever, remember. Workout training must be taken seriously. ;)

Active social life: take a trip with relatives, dinners in restaurants with your girl, new places to know around your city, travel on short holidays, happy hour in coffee shops, corp events, conferences. All of these do not belong to you anymore. If you have some great affection for someone, you should advise that you will not be able to go and the reason for that. Also say that there are some light on the outside of this lonely cave.

Freelances projects won’t make you rich: stopping deludes you that this landing page or e-commerce will make you rich. Everyone knows you will waste your pocket in the next gadget. Spend less time in weak projects and focus on a long-term stuff that matters. However if you really need that job, be fast and kill it as quickly as you can. Be an owl at night. You could be agile in your main skills, but the relationship with the client (prototype validation, branding and “general fixes”) will overwhelm more time than you imagine. Trust me, sir.

In time, I mean to set a crystal clear deadline about your routine. 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. Do not overtake that otherwise, your life’s quality will fall down. Consider about the unlovely deep dark cave discussed in the paragraph above.

2. Your product has a lot of features

Probably you love your idea and protect it like as if it were your little child. You will put into it a lot of content and features that you could. I do it sometimes, and you will do it too. It’s an exercise that you are going to practice until the last minute you push the green button to publish online.

Name of the product, visual identity, language development, how to monetise… all of these are unnecessary at all. What your product will convert as results? What is the real goal for the product life-cycle? How to describe it in a tweet (140 chars)?

We can put together over here describing the basic Twitter features:

  • Type what is happening in 140 chars;

Apparently our Twitter was a so simple product to lunch, isn't it? Look carefully how the love for your idea did. As long as you work even in the micro experiences more work will come. Why say what is happening in 140 chars really needs all of this? The blue bird was just a simple example, I mean that your idea was never launched.

Write by hand (#oldschool) on a piece of paper, stick it aside the monitor what you want to deliver value and prioritise the features just after that. ;)

To prioritise the features use something that is comfortable to reorder with a facility on the long-term. You can use post-its, Trello, the Google Keep or Wunderlist app. I just use the Trello when the team has someone else besides me working on the product. However post-its are great to keep in mind what is coming without an internet connection; without login page.

3. You start firstly on the computer

I have watched my friends that work with technology they influence to start some idea:

  • Will we create the tasks in Trello?

Why the fear about papers? Sketch your idea, bring into places that you go frequently or keep some inside of your wallet.

Even you being a developer, the role in drawing a sketch is the team responsibility. It is faster to validate the idea. Drawing on a paper is easier to share or validate the idea just stretching your hand to a friend or a potential user. I particularly do not have a lot of patience in high-fidelity prototype on working in MVP product, then drawing a fast draught is good enough. No worries if your button has more rounded borders than another one.

4. Do not do all the stuff alone

Hardly you have all skills to launch your idea. Divide to conquer is necessary, my dear warrior. Do dealings with motivating people and use skill changes to reach your goal as faster as possible. The tip here is to talk with a close co-worker that you have worked before. And he needs to be clever in solution problems.

The strategy that often works is: you need a Developer to work on your wonderful idea and your friend Developer needs a kickass Designer for an idea at the same proportion… So, you know what it means, don’t you?

Planning in the coffee shop what the minimum schedule of the sprint. Try to deliver value in:

  • 24–48 hours hackathon;

Both of you need the same schedule of production delivering the minimum value. Otherwise is not fair.

5. Grab right motivation

Find the right motivations to your idea fly like a rocket. Your product probably will not being bought by Google, Alphabet or Apple. And it is not because your app set a vintage filter on photos that will be an Instagram killer. Dream big, but be a realist.

In conclusion of that, focus on stuff that matters. Starts yesterday. Set a tiny schedule. Keep the focus.

I hope this help to clarify your ideas.

PS.: It is my first English post. I am sorry for some mistakes, it is not my mother tongue but I wish I can speak/write well as Portuguese. :)

Product Designer @ hellofae.com

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