Growing List of Thesis Projects{Organized by Field of Research}

Charles Sinkus
Sep 29, 2019 · 20 min read

Charles S.A. Sinkus Research Ideologies : (which shall Aid in Planetary Sustainability & Human-Evolution; each shall be published and elaborated upon in their own academic paper.)

Growing List of Thesis Projects{Organized by Field of Research}

Astrophysical, Particle, High Energy, Material, & Theoretical Physics Research:

· engineer a GWSO(Gravitational Wave Superconductive Oscillation) analogous to the cyclic life of a star, develop a tokamak fusion reactor In which shall have an inner shell chamber for which the outer fused plasmonic fluid (liquid helium) shall be compounded upon to an unstable state and induce the death of the star for the creation of an artificial black hole, by which is contained to the nanoscale and sustained by hawking radiation to churn its engine. using a quantum computer for processing energy oscillations, to harness and then emit gravitational waves themselves to quantify & measure(illuminate) the contents of today’s “dark energy/ matter”

· (star trek inspired) TANRIS(Transformative Adaptable Nano Robotic Integrated Suit) skin-tight out layer (potential materials: crystalline carbon nanotubes and nano-type cellulose fibers) with integrated ai programmed leeds to stimulate contraction protocol for adaptive exterior from UV polymer 3d hydro-gel and adapt to any conditional atmosphere, featured with a gill feature that connects to the wearer’s respiratory system to convert into oxygen from any “air combination”, furthermore gauge a way to adapt Prof. James Yoo’s ideology for a bio-printer which can heal wounds within suit and adapt “skin” to evolve our own human skin for sustained exploration on any planetary surface. Integrating carbon nano-tubules within a quantum topographical electricity based field for fluctuation between permeability and contraction; utilizing at first atmospheric and defense protocol, and allow for upgrades and updates to be programmable. Along with the feature of e-bandages from PETF/PET copper(based) foil layer, an integration of antimicrobial hydro-gels and nano-fiber dressings for emergency breaches; with an bioreactor protocol lined along the interior of suit to aid in the regeneration of damaged tissue and potentially full appendages. Additionally with collaborative efforts utilizing the GLASSES tech, develop suit to mimic the ability of self-rejuvenation for regeneration. Additionally attach miniaturized ion propulsion engines upon the lower to upper back if the suit to allow mobility and stabilization upon any planetary surface, and of course OLEDs illumination and bio luminescent outer layer with LASIT scanner(see medical Decacorder) for surveillance of external environment. (Biological, technological, geophysical, astrophysical, and atmospheric in nature)

· Utilizing the emergent methodology for fusion energy through (hydrogen-boron LASERS) adaptation with technology for a fuel source of an ion or decibel engine to use inside of future star ships

· Develop gravitational wave propulsion drive, using matter-antimatter annihilation from a simulated singularity inside a capsule kept suspended in a magnetic field, utilizing an acoustics resonance chamber for stabilization within the gravitational field.

· Based on the idea of Earth’s own magnetosphere, develop a oscillating magnetic-sphere to shape around a star-ship as a shield against radiation and other galactic anomalies throughout interstellar travel.

· Utilizing antimatter develop a measurement experiment to detect a standard and sterile neutrino

· -Develop a gravitational fluid-dynamic based star-ship sail constructed with crystalline carbon nano-tubes to absorb the solar energy from stars traversed by, additionally incorporate repulsion off of the gravitational energy (Hawking Radiation) black holes by gliding on gravitational waves for observation and potential entrance to traverse through, and convert hawking radiation into propulsion energy with laser catalyst. Construction of multiple protocol exterior apparatus, Accretion Disk Gravitational Wave Beam Measurement(oscillate an artificial wave into black hole to create an analogous H20 sonar response for analysis), Hawking Radiation magnetic repulsion Drive (absorb IR/Heat radiation in which to infused into a superconducting magnetic repulsion drive in which to traverse as stated above deployed graphene/carbon nanotube surrounding ship in a jellyfish analogous umbrella to enable fluid traverse.), QuBit/Quantum Computational Information Transmission Beam(beam a quantum signal into black hole for analysis and experimentation upon a proof of emergent quantum field theories.)

· Carbon absorption and transference from Earth and Venus, then utilizing either satellite nodes or surface nodes to release into atmosphere increasing the pressure within on mars for terraforming procedure, enabling habitability for humans: Simultaneously utilise the ideologies behind absorption of excess CO2 from the atmospheres of Earth and Venus into liquid form for transfer to Mars and released through an explosive methodology to increase the atmospheric pressure of Mars, alongside the ideology to shatter and implode the ices caps upon the poles of the planet with volatile materials.

· nano-technological ideology utilizing the construction of 1million nano tech AI controlled DEVICES which 3-d print themselves in the process of adaptive construction within the star-ships’ extended field of gravity. (Cyborg-Inspired)

· {TOKAMAK} based fusion engine with ION propulsion engines for interplanetary and intergalactic star-ships: supported by proton conducting fuel cell & heat absorbent battery packs through Kuglblitz sustainability and ion propulsion; and a magnetic oscillating resonance repulsion laser sphere for protection against incoming cosmic rays, including additional research into super-conducted crystalline carbon nanotube and graphene oil for rejuvenation protocol from any possible damage within the superconductive cavity during fusion sequence. Potentially collaborate with Dr. burns at NASA to infuse tokamak fusion with helical ion engine for development of propulsion drive Safety protocols:[ gelatinous H2O which when deployed in liquid form shall be crystalized over a span to encase area and dilute unstable chemical reactions, ie protective measure which seals area post nuclear failures or meltdowns. furthermore would protect within space suit against planetary radiation, or cosmic radiation

· R&D into a pulsar based anatomical gravitational repulsion field for interest in to a sustainable field through understanding simple properties of the gravitational properties surrounding the pulsar accretion disk.

· -Develop a fusion integration of a mobile camera lens with UV,XRAY,GRAV, Grey,& INF for the utilization into an analysis program that identifies an object and dissects the objects mechanical/ electrical, biological and programming entities for further understanding, integrate AI(Deep learning) protocols for discovery of new relics, and other objects found upon Earth and other planets during scientific exploration.

· Bio-fuel engine churning paper tender into a sustainable fuel source

· -Electrostatic gravitational repulsion stabilization field within starship interior., and external absorption protocol.

· -Interlinked power grid from the catalyzed Dyson shells surrounding black holes to develop a formidable energy source grid to traverse throughout the Cosmos upon energy beam lowered gateway and sustainability within each galactic cluster inclusively originating from the singularities’ collectively catalyzed Dyson shells within of each. Galactic Dyson Gravitational Grid [GDGG] {construct the swarm to be inclusive of a repulsive gravitational field (similar the the astrophysical structure of a pulsar) oscillated/emitted from the swarm itself to sustain around the hole, additionally have each equipped with a laser based projection optical ray to catalyze the accretion disk for higher power achievement through absorption by the swarm.}

· Origin of dyson spherical orb research: artificial in orbit Dyson sphere in which established within star system at first to be tidally locked gravitationally (research plausibility in which to manipulate Earth’s gravitational field with earth analogous to the moon, once plausibility to scale expansion become achievable construct planetary sized dyson sphere within orbit between Earth and Venus of our host star in which would transmit energy to Earth across the system from host star.

· [DPD]Dyson planetary biosphere, powered by fusion ion reactors and sustained with near by solar entities, within reversal of gravity sustainability achieved with super-conducted (magnetized) magnetosphere, centerpiece would be artificial mini star surrounded by a magnetar style atmosphere which would be a potentially condensed neutron star grown to solar scale through gravitational manipulation. elysium(medical) technological upgrade and bio-nano-technology up-gradable through algorithmic expression; defense and development network built within and upon. Station these replicated spheres throughout the Cosmos to aid in the intergalactic power grid and power the nearby planets with an unlimited resource of energy. quantum computational expansion within processing, construct a planetary processor built from carbon nanotubes powered by an internal fusion reactor analogous to a star, housed and transference of energy through DNA/RNA systems additionally for storage with superconducted silicon tiles across the exterior. (Planetary Processing Unit)PPU

· Tele-presence communication theoretical technological evolution, build the emergent technology to allow tele-presence communications (AR and satellite based and encrypted sensor technologies) not merely between humans on Earth but: upon star-ships within the fleet of Earth, between planets within the vicinity of the immediate star system and build convexly towards the cosmos, furthermore communications to evolve into teleportation from a metaphysical(molecular/neurological) scale across the planet, interplanetary, and potentially across the cosmos between galaxies.

· Explore an ideological adaptation of Rectenna based infrastructure, infused within roads and buildings to charge devices and vehicles via the conversion of Wi-Fi to AC waveforms, collaborated with established MIT physicists’ research findings Wi-Fi based Energy transference between vehicular power banks, and storage banks for replenishment, emergency, and or sustainability while traversing on Earth. {Ref:}{}

Automotive & Transportation Design:

· Multi-variable 3d-printer and holographic morphic phase emitter for the modulation of set Vehicle designs through projection and materialization

· -tier based electric vehicle similar to a combustion gear box, except the tiers are power resources to allow conceptual transformation and integrated technology and updates.

· electrical propulsion analogous to ICE combustion to inject electrical energy into core of engine for increase stability and efficient ion impulse propulsion alongside battery storage replenishment through the transference of energy from kinetic/vibration absorption panels in the wheels.

· electrostatic charging stations energy replenishment: electric battery based vehicles drive over elongated charging pads to recharge their batteries via LIFI/ WIFI/ or electromagnetic methodologies as a boost to current charge or complete charge. {electronic funding transfer after charge completed}

· superconductive levitation vehicles based upon a quad-superconductor magnetic system levitation upon RUBIS mag-rail suspending the vehicle above or below the rail.

· WIFI/LIFI based energy transference between vehicular power banks and storage banks for replenishment in case of emergency recharge and sustainability to battery while traversing the planet(ground vehicle, aeronautical, or subversive)

· LEDIS- Laser Emitted scanning module circumvented around the vehicle to constantly feed data of position and surroundings to deep learning AI control system, alongside an algorithm to deduce safety/efficiency protocols, and camera system.(The LED scanning module would be strung along the exterior of vehicle in any design pattern up to artist)

•utonomous charging stations battery capacitors analogous to "tanker freighters' which would roam highways to wirelessly charge vehicles within range via wifi/wifi emissions: temporary instillation until infrastructure based charging systems installed for continual sustainability of energy (battery capacitors and more)

Data, Computer, & Algorithmic(Cryptography) Science Research:

· University, Medical, Physical Sciences and Cosmological Sciences Library to access all world knowledge from any device, uploaded and organized by field of study (live lectures from professors, studying materials, well-written notes from lectures, summits, and seminars held across the planet.)

-Utilizing bendable organic superconductor devise an electronic device apparatus that allows integration of holographic display to wrap around wrist and replace external mobile devices. (Wrist-phone with pop up hologram display)[Collaborative efforts with Stangord University would enable achievement]

· -Create a fundamental language, that combines all known mankind languages to abolish language barriers in the effort to establish a planetary language

· -Holographic blackboard utilizing current cloud sourcing and so deep learning to enable any student, professor, or theorist access for collaboration and quantification on known and future theories and ideologies within any academic field. Integrate A.I. subroutine to critique and definitively check for error. (apparatus that integrates all known formulae for a particular theoretical or practical topic known to human kind and allows constant updates through calculation and digital collaboration on any specific theory within physics and mathematics. M-theory, and more)

· -File encryption proposal from a latitude/longitudinal position when the transference of a file passes this threshold the file becomes encrypted beyond access unless accessed inside this degree of freedom.

· construct an computer cell analogous in physiology to the neuron of the human brain (eukaryotic cell, research plausibility of either for efficiency), superconductors for energy connectivity; DNA for storage, RNA for transfer, and a quantum nano processor qubits chip for processing within the cell, housed inside a diamond carbon nanotube system with anti-photonic refraction beams (X17 collaboration?) for decoherence reduction

Atmospheric, Environmental/Geo-physical, & Theoretical Chemistry Research:

· bio-regenerative material for architecture in which furthermore shall utilise a synthetic photosynthesis and photovoltaic/dynamic absorption protocols from solar energy.

· -genetically modify a seed by splicing a massive amount of nutrients; corn, wheat, fruits, other vital resources to plant over a span of 15 acres

· construct a Yarn-carbon nanotube (breathable and adaptable self-cleaning with the weather) body suit that iridescently changes colours and patterns based on the atmospheric density(elementally) lived in. Furthermore develop a program algorithmic project with virtual clothes on top of second skin through holographic points layered on top of the AI controlled material that adapts the project image for insulation or permeability.

· dedicated section of planet where resource development is focused and used to power and promote Eco-friendly sustainability (generate weather patterns, ect) BioDome for Weather/ Natural Disaster Based Power Supply: dedicated section of the planet, preferably in the Pacific Ocean where the dome shall extend to the depths of the ocean floor & scale towards the upper stratosphere; where resource development and acquisition is focused and utilised to power and promote an Eco-environmentally friendly methodology for energy incorporating sources from synthetic weather/geophysical patterns to generate hydro, wind, kinetic/ gravitational, and lightning(electric) energy consumption.

· Construct a membrane shield similar to a cell wall in humans when healing a wound to aid in a process to close and heal the massive hole in the O-Zone layer above Antarctica, and in turn shield the earth from bombardment of damaging cosmic rays.

•high intensity decibel apparatus constructed in the deep oceans to channel micro plastics away from organisms into an incinerator-lead towards the cease of use harmful materials in which do not biodegrade (plastics)

Sociological & Urban Research:

{Quantum-City} Establish/ construct a formidable radicalization of the “#Tomorrowland” ideological city for scientific research “base” utilizing a simulation based program with quantum computing OS for proper virtualization of all aspects to ensure efficient and maximal availability of materials with 3D printers(bio, physical, and particle), efficient renewable fusion engines to fuel each section for experimentation for all departments within the grid (infrastructure, safety, environmental biophysical, teleportation(transportation) furthermore incorporate AI(Deep learning) protocols for security, shared data storage , and potential discovery of new fields of science through the engagement into the fusion of fields for new fields of science, through the educational “enlightenment” which each scientist would grow to become a poly-scientist, transportation via Hyper-loop, autonomous hyper-way through levitation via super-conducted on a Rhubis rail freeway, rail system, or magnetic freeway , and potential translocation research: separate sections for research(at launch of city):

Section A: Establish Renewable Energy upon planet through electricity, fusion, and or weather-based(details to follow) energy consumption and for star-based constructions research, exo(astro)-biological research upon newly discovered planets and star systems, Star Ship construction (propulsion systems, research, and vital systems) space suit research for interstellar and planetary exploration, astrophysical research inclusive of exoplanets & all astrophysical anomalies, and potential enlightenment upon the true functionality of space time, black holes, and dark energy(gravity) & dark matter(anti-gravity) through the utilization of gravitational waves as a form of measurement and evolve our species to stage 3 of the Kardshev Civilization scale with sustainable research, synthetic star construction, additionally the ideology i have already elaborated upon within the Black-Hole Accretion disk Dyson Swarm energy grid.

Section B: Geophysical, aquatic, marine biological, atmospheric sciences and local geo-biological(land-based) research , inclusive of dyson spherical and swarm based tech upon our planet and upon synthetic planets, built in nearby star systems, and potential construction of stable moons for further research on how they are sustained throughout a planets life-span and more, additionally mining of asteroids and other cosmic minerals and research into new materials for usage upon earth in which would be able to sustain a synthetic photosynthetic process for energy consumption and production for the building.

Section C: Medical Evolution- research into new medical devices including a “Decaorder”, Stem-Cell based organic 3D printer/bio-reactor, CRISPR genetic evolution and genetic design device(medical bay) to overcome current and any future vulnerabilities the human species and any encountered sentient species(details to follow), Neurological research into the human mind’s connection to the “neuro-quantum field” tangibly for a more definitive proof of how our minds genuinely Shape our reality and any other devices we humans are able to develop(I have a plethora more of ideas!), further the research through theoretical chemistry and pharmacy for more resilient methodologies which are definitively a direct solution to diseases, physiological and neurological condition from a genetic pov, agricultural and dietary research into sustainable and highly nutritious consumption for humans and all animals upon Earth and other planets to consume which support exponential growth not degeneration of the species.

Section D-Z?, any other emergent field of science in which shall be able to propel our species into the future.

· -Initialize the Star-Trektopian protocal through the amalgamation of SpaceX, Blue Origin, CERN, NASA, IRSA ESA, JSA, & myself to establish a society in which science, music, artistry, and technology allow each current sentient species and all which shall encounter us in the future an open source for knowledge and growth as a universe through interplanetary research & dev into the currently known complexity of the gravitational/ relativistic fabric of SpaceTime for future illumination. Furthermore, acquire a profound wisdom (& discover emergent evidence) of the Cosmos itself and how humans play within the epic scale from how our genealogical structure can be analogues to the astrophysical biology of the universe.

· nanorobotic integration system through either an apparatus or integration with cerebellum of human optic nerve for complete physiological optimisation (cells, organs, and DNA)though electrical stimulation, within optical arrays establish an ARHUD display for external analysis of surroundings and internal status; “Decacorder based” stimulation protocol for construction purposes upon engineered buildings, star ships, and technology, alongside upgradable nanorobotic devices to simulate upgradeable morph into desired form and function

Genetic, Bio-Physical, & Neuroscience Research:

· -HARPA( Hippocampal Augmented Realistic Pictorial Apparatus) develop an HDMI with 3Dnanoimaging from the hippocampus to extend the imaginative nature of the human consciousness in a state of discovery while reading any novel or fascinating literature to that particular human, through the integration of the optical nerve with the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex as a relay; furthermore develop AR based spectacles for display of the data acquired neurologically.

· 3d-print concurrent healthy human body from stem cells of host, then transfer consciousness to newly printed body, collaborating with UCONN develop their ideological adaptation of e-skin(silicone tubule with copper wiring interacting with a iron oxidative fluid)

· edit chromosomal abnormalities for neurological disorders in young children to remove and heal detected, potential mental disorders in which could develop utilizing CRISPR/CAS9(Editing methodology) & MAGESTIC(Identification methodology)

· personalized medicine: develop an apparatus in which to identify and curtail any particular level of genetic suppression/activation therapy, vaccine integration, or potentially integration of CAR-T cell therapy by first extracting a DNA sample from the patient then once identified within a secondary integration device devised of a CRISPR/CAS9 & 13 based bioreactor and editing tool, once achieved convert the required methodology from one of the above into a definitive strain for the patient specifically, then transfer to the patient.

· genetically edit and remove damaged DNA strands and pairs contributed to detected disease to eviscerate disease from host

· reprogram/additionally enhance immune system to attack disease through nano-robotic- AI programmed calibrated detection system

· complete {Contectom}neurological data(consciousness) transference into organic/ molecular computational entity then back into the newly grown stem-cell based brain and body.

· -genetically evolve skin to adapt to any elemental combination for planetary visitation/ exploration.

· -telepathic empathy (Shared eureka) relay/transmit wanted goal though processes to 2nd human to aid promoting Oxycontin production with a natural understanding of idea being quantified(understood) by touch or through brain wave synchronization

· -research the emergent theory of entertainment through emotions, by researching the various musical key signatures that produce certain emotions through neurotransmitters’ chemical reactions.

· -through current methodology for CRISPR-based genetic therapy, construct a newly adaptable genetic code in which instead of our genes coalescing new infections that enter, suppressing the catalytic gene to prevent metastasis and damage throughout the species’ physiology.

· develop a software(device) for a virtual (AR) MRI to map and study the anatomical structure of the human brain on the cellular level to further our understanding of consciousness and other areas of the homo-sapiens, discover which type of wave to permeate the human skin down to the molecular level without damage. (High frequency x-rays or microwaves)

· research the theoretical approach to genetically identify the gene expression and remove(edit/silence) the “trait” in humans which develop the “competitive nature” in the cognitive genome, to ensure a cohesive future within the species

· “Develop and construct programmed apparatus of a holographic-display hub to study and monitor the human anatomy of a patient in real-time encompassing diagnostics upon all levels of the human systems (integument, muscular, skeletal, neurological, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, urinary/excretory, reproductive and digestive) to filter between.Patients within facility would wear smart-watch analogous wristbands that would: {1. Monitor all physiological and neurological vitals, 2. Administer medication/gene suppression through adhesive-dosing patch underneath band, 3.act as a communication device for patients to physicians and staff, 4. Integrated AI would track recovery rate and keep the patient{under the restriction and discretion of physician} updated of their personal recovery process in detail.)Coupled with mobile devices that allows EMTs and additional medical staff members to have a live feed of patient that is connected to the hub apparatus for real-time diagnostics for any potential treatments and status reports of patients within or out in field of the facility. Additionally, integrate a deep-learning AI program, based on the genetic code of patient, given the ability to follow an algorithm to predict/track an ailment or progress of patient through and throughout the patient’s physiology. (Tri-corder basis from star trek, though with an integrated holographic or OLED display) With which to potentially equip the EMT additionally with spectacles to execute the programming above for AR-based diagnostics on patient in the field. Develop a suit for EMT to wear that analogously depicts a “clean suit” though allows for mobility and efficiency while acquiring and transporting patients to medical facility. Additionally, line suits with protective layer to prevent injury from and laser or metallic based penetration. [(Decacorder) Develop programming through research into proton accelerators and beyond, by expounding upon the integration of photoresist digital holography and construction an augmented reality device within a holographic field through the integration of MARS bioimaging technology to study and monitor the human anatomy of a patient in real-time encompassing the different levels of systems to filter between. -develop a mobile device that allows a live feed of the patient connected to the same device depicted above for real-time diagnostics and potential treatment(Tri-corder basis from star trek, though with an integrated holographic display)

· Develop programming through research into proton accelerators and beyond, by expounding upon the integration of photo-resist digital holography and construction an augmented reality device within a holographic field through the integration of MARS bio-imaging technology to study and monitor the human anatomy of a patient in real-time encompassing the different levels of human physiological systems to filter between

· -reverse engineer Segura-Gel for development of a more profound stroke rejuvenation therapy and prevention in the human brain; as well as develop an methodology for with an emergency, with the emergent neurological gel, for immediate therapy and treatment from a traumatic brain injury.

· -R&D into developing new type of neurotransmitter within the neurological process of exchange during an anxiety or depressive attack, develop a genetic expression that hence shall allow the growth and development of a stabilization receptor-excrete a new hormone (neurotransmitter) to keep the brain cognitively functional without allowing duress to cause the mind to be susceptible to suicidal thoughts.

· Evolve personalized medicine :an apparatus in which to identify and curtail a particular level of gene suppression/activation therapy, vaccine integration, or car-t cell therapy by first extracting a DNA sample from patient then within a CRISPR based bioreactor and editing tool, convert the required methodology from above into a strain for the patient specifically, transfer to patient.

· within the platform thorough a collaborative effort with N1-NeuraLink develop adaptive chip receptor in which allows evolution of receptor array threads within node to scale with logic algorithm research; whilst learning or generating a computation involve the ability for the node receptor threads to map and gauge the logic pattern within and map a possibility to stimulate a more efficient synaptic pathway.

Theoretical Medical & Physical(Mathematical) Research:

· Evolve the mind: Research beyond current biological limitations, conceptualize the relative nature of human conscious thought processing and computational processing, furthermore develop algorithmic methodology for more efficient organic based logic processing to replace current logic basis within mind based on genetic baseline of human, utilize enhanced logical processing to enlighten human into self-preservation and improvement of plasticity voluntarily, develop stimulatory (synthetic) neuroplasticity for study and utilization in AI and damaged human neural tissue throughout genetically therapeutic rejuvenation process.

· -Memory optimization hypothetical process; transference, enhancement of longevity through a flush of corrupted beta-proteins, integration of higher processing, data analysis for proper communication between hosts, reconstruction of damage data from physical traumatization to any neural cortex. extraction and reconstruction from expired neural relays, development of profound stimulatory neurological synapses, conceptualize fluid electric-dynamical pathway of Memory retrieval, integration of new cognitive skill of preconstruction of events for probable, predictive, outcomes of a circumstance, simulate for “therapeutic study” with a purge of past traumatic Memory data into storage to reflect upon beyond self goals reasoning of self-aware existence met.

· -Illuminate the neurological nature of the human mind analogous to the astrophysical exoneurology of fabric of gravitational spacetime.

· Research the plausible connectivity of parallel & temporally parallel realities in how our consciousness may link us to other sentient beings across a potentially dimensional reality mind is merely a “wifi-router” connected to the “quantum field” where all memories of the sentient beings are stored and accessible though both conscious and subconscious thought progressions[through dreams or epiphany based extrapolations catalyzed by meditative sessions].

· define the plausibility of the human optic nerve ie cognitive reality’s hallucination of the time variable mathematically within quantum mechanical formulae and experiment upon the quantification and qualification of an ideology to remove the observation effect in all quantum mechanical experimentation, furthermore understand the fabric off the quantum mechanical scale through a 4th dimensional measurement tool.

· interplanetary quantum teleportation gateway utilise the quantum mechanical system present within diamonds, potentially utilise the diamond exoplanet as an intergalactic teleportation hub through the Cosmos to discover more exoplanets and develop a transportation grid.

· Quantum Materialization?: utilizing the air and solar molecular energy, quantify and modify or rather fuse matter in to demand material of any type, basically a 3dprinter through molecular fusion (basis Tron:Legacy Reconstruction of appendage protocol though reconstruction coding)

· integrate a theoretical formulae for quantifying all the known quantum forces of matter/antimatter with the astrophysical forces of nature; furthermore unification of all forces of nature and astrophysical/quantum mechanical maths to potentially achieve emergent evidence experimentally based upon gravity within the subatomic level to expand/expound upon gravity quantum mechanically. whether the truth is string theory, QFT, quantum gravity, gravitions, or an unknown basis for the foundations of nature.

· topological m.theory analysis to apply upon the conceptualization through experimentation of how space time functions upon higher dimensional realities, research within the plausibility of expanding the human optical nerve processing unit to perceive higher dimensional conjectured objects.

· Quantum entanglement phase displacement field, within the spectrum of our dimension, develop a displacement field that entangles the object and displaces the appearance externally entangling it with another position in a parallel universe.(Invisibility displacement field)

· super fluid- based lifeforms: theoretical astrobiological research platform

· planetary life extinctions indicate a simple cleansing process for advanced life.

•capture (slice of deep/ “empty”space) for analysis upon the fusion into experimentation of dark matter, with a concealment chamber filled with subatomic particles from deep space, excitation through high energy collision laser for theoretical proofs upon the existence(identification and assigned nomenclature) of a particle or waveform object within a graviton form to determine the analogous nature of relativity and quantum mechanics. [acquisition from orbit of Neptune, experimentation conducted upon low orbit station above Earth

Charles Sinkus

Written by

Ph.D Candidate:Poly-Science {Physics, Genetics, & Neuroscience. i shall, w/the fusion of these fields, research the plausibility of planetary sustainability.

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