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Cosmic Cats
3 min readApr 7, 2022


Every week our team puts together a list of prizes that range from whitelist for upcoming projects, NFTs, IRL items & ETH! Cosmic Cat holders can enlist in each mission for a chance to win one of those prizes!

This is not your standard random giveaway process. Our team has developed a system to reward holders based on the Cosmic Cats they own and integrated a gasless “Staking” mechanism that does not require NFTs to be transferred in and out of your wallet or to pay gas fees.

Delisted Cosmic Cats will receive 2x their normal Mission Point value!

Your flight crew consists of the Cosmic Cats you are currently holding in your wallet. Each cat has a certain number of Mission Points (Entries), into the mission! We will break down how Mission Points are calculated along with the added multipliers holders receive for meeting certain criteria.

Mission Points
Mission Points are your entry into the current mission; think of every point you have as one entry to win. The more Mission Points you have the greater the chances you have of winning are. Please keep in mind this is a completely luck based system, it’s very possible that a holder can win a prize with only 1–2 cats in their wallet compared to others who are holding 25+ cats.

How Many Points Are My Cosmic Cats Worth?
When you connect to Mission Control on our website your flight crew will load into the page and will display how many Mission Points each individual cat is worth.

Clearance Levels
Clearance levels are what determine how many points your cat is worth, every cat has a set clearance level based on its skin trait.

Clearance Level 1 1 Mission Point
Cosmic, Sun, Moon, Aura

Clearance Level 2 3 Mission Points
Cryo, Radiant, Nebula, Solar

Clearance Level 35 Mission Points
Albino, Eclipse, Gold, Cats With Only 4 Traits

Clearance Level 410 Mission Points
1/1 Cosmic Cats

Mission Point Multipliers
Every mission, three random traits from our collection are selected. If any of your cats have these traits they will automatically receive a 3x point multiplier!

In addition to the random trait multipliers, if your Cosmic Cats are delisted they will automatically receive a 2x multiplier.

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