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Good morning, Story.

Thank you for this amazing article… it is so rich with information that might easily (hopefully) lead people to trust themselves rather than react to fears that were installed in them as toddlers, children, and teens ~ which fears now seem to provide a rather extended knee-jerk reaction to the world. We have talked before about what sort of entertainment we will allow to infiltrate our heads…for me it is about violence remaining outside of my life … so nothing that has violence, except when it is absolutely necessary to the storyline, and is not a main feature. (I hope that makes sense to you!)

One thing that has truly helped me has been getting older! Now in my 70s, I am able to live my life the way I want to, and have given up almost all of the predetermined reactions I was ‘meant’ to have. I especially like very much how you have woven fear in with choice. This is an eye-opener I appreciate having today. Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, ‘What anyone else thinks of me is none of my business!’ This quote is almost becoming common today and does offer a modicum of peace when criticised, for me at least!

I have so many thoughts on this article, but will keep my response to a minimum. I particularly love some of your examples and how they demonstrate the way fear replaces being in the flow. Take coffee: I like double cream in mine and, of course, have been criticised and questioned about my choice! But for me, it makes the coffee perfect ~ so I have one cup of organic instant coffee with organic double cream every morning.

Sadly, I was put on skim everything as a child in the 1950s. After Eisenhower’s heart attack, his doctor proclaimed (with no scientific evidence) that ‘fat’ was bad ~ so the whole country accepted this ridiculous anti-fat propaganda and the food industry had a field day making money off people who were concerned about their weight. I fought the ‘battle of the bulge’ all my life! In fact, it seems pretty clear now ~ that initial shift started my own weight battles and actually began the obesity epidemic we see today.

Eventually I understood that eating delicious natural dairy, with all the fat left in it, made food so much tastier. So I have organic real butter; full-fat milk, ice cream and yogurt; cheeses; and eggs. This also assures that the important fat-soluble vitamins have a chance to keep me healthy! Eating what we want to eat ~ without the fear it is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ ~ can really influence our feelings for a huge part of every day!

The other very interesting theme is that, while we can give up the fear and live in the flow, a part of us (fairly important in many people) WANTS to have these dilemmas. As you say: we prefer transforming the fears that hold us from what we desire just as much as what we desire.

This reminds me of something our mutual friend Jarrad says often: Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy? The fears stem often from thinking about what is ‘right’ and then forcing ourselves to choose what seems to be the ‘right course of action’… whereas, going with the flow, loving what we love, and allowing ourselves to have these things we love can become the ‘no choice’ option. Like a favourite colour, that has no charge with it ~ we can allow ourselves to have a life filled with things we love without having to question our motives. Why not enjoy what we can, perhaps with the proviso that we don’t do harm to others?

So it seems we come here, as human beings, to experience the duality of earthly existence… if we didn’t want the struggle, why bother coming here at all? We could just live in ‘bliss’ with Oneness and that would be that. But it appears that there is this desire on the part of the ONE that permits or even encourages pieces of the whole to go off and have all sorts of interesting experiences. Some of them are very difficult or challenging and others are joyful and in the flow.

As someone who has traversed many decades now, I can look back and see how the ebb and flow has brought excitement to my life ~ which apparently is one of the desires we have in coming to earth! But lately I feel I can have excitement without pain, or believing I am making the ‘wrong’ choice, or am living as a ‘bad’ person! I totally believe each of us is here to follow the pathway we choose, to be empowered to live in sovereignty. I am grateful to have found various guides along the way, messengers who have helped me to contemplate things and find my own way forward that is filled with happiness!

I love reading your gifts here in Though I submitted a couple of pieces, I am not sure I will be writing more, because the audience is ‘everyone’ who wants to read and perhaps, for me, I wish to have a smaller audience!

But I am SO HAPPY that you are here, writing things with which I have such affinity and total agreement, and I hope that others will find in them just what they need to help them along their individual pathways.

I paid up my year membership and hope you will get some of that as compensation for me liking your work!