Spiritual Truth Has To Be Personal And Evolving
Story Waters

Oh once again, Story, you have written a lovely mind-bending piece! I particularly resonate with this line: “ As you change your beliefs, so you shift through realities. As you shift through realities, so the expression of all truth shifts. In this, remain conscious that truth can only ever be personal and is constantly changing.”

As I have gone through various shifts in my life, of course the goal posts have moved. I am so happy to be enjoying my age, with so many decades of experience behind me. I know deeply that ‘this too shall pass’ ~ whatever ‘this’ is! Ha ha.

I have been totally immersed with your pal and feel like I have made some great strides with him. I so appreciate it when there is CHOICE in my life, and I don’t have to see it all as without Free Will. It is an interesting concept that some I have followed in the past have said just does not exist. I have struggled to see that point of view and so when I read your wonderful words, I feel so much more at home. Although I know in the ‘great scheme of things’ that everything is simply energy strings and we are making it up as we go along, there is a feeling that what we are doing is some sort of REALITY even if it is only temporary and holographic!

I want there to be a point to living as a human on earth…not just following a predestined life, reading the book that is already written, although that is also true. But I want to live fully, love openly, and laugh every chance I get. My smiles are almost so constant that sometimes my cheeks hurt.

I will have more time to read more of your wonderful pieces once I have finished this year with J. He is such a loving, abundant, and generous person to provide so much that I can barely keep up with his programs!

But I do seem to have shifted more permanently now to simply shining my light wherever I am, doing what I am nudged to do, and spreading joy as I am content beyond my wildest dreams now.

Sending you a big hug — hoping your change of living situation moves smoothly to whatever you and Roger are contemplating!


Linda xx

PS I will also eventually possibly write more pieces for Medium. It is a different forum and I have been content to keep a journal for so long that I am not sure about writing for the Public. Being in a small group and writing for them only feels better sometimes. I guess I am not sure about that but thought I would add it. I know Eleanor Roosevelt famously said ‘What other people think of me is none of my business’ and I feel that way. So I wonder why I would write for any public consumption! I write for myself first and foremost. Still not sure about some sharing, but I did enjoy creating the three pieces I wrote!

PPS I actually paid up for a year so I can read anything you write without being restricted! xx