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Responding to your words is a choice I am making!! Ha ha!!

I love what you write and have read your original book before. However, think you have done what you set out to do here ~ to provide this information in a ‘friendlier’ version that is easy to grasp.

It is no wonder that you and Jarrad are friends! You both have offered an understanding of how we DO have Free Will ~ that we make choices here. OK, yes, it is an illusion when we go far enough outside of our human experience to the realm of energy only! But trying to live my life thinking I have no choices (as in predetermined) just provides an excuse to ‘give up’ creating the life I want to have! The infinite possibilities are all there, but how we select and put our moments together is a choice I prefer to have!

For a while I was ‘with’ messengers who emphasise that we have no choice, that everything is predestined. I found it dis-empowering to try believing that. I AM God ~ we ALL are God! I have chosen to live this individuated life as me, Linda, recognising that you have chosen to be Story, and others have chosen to be themselves. It can be captivating to see how others live, what choices they make, how they solve their dilemmas, and what results show up. We don’t have to try everything in this one little short-term incarnation…but overall we do try everything because we are all ONE and every life is a mirror or a representation or a different angle of the ONE.

In particular I love this: You are the choice to be a creator in individuated form. Nothing except your own fear can hold you from the realization that you are creating your own experience. As such, you are the only force in reality that blocks you.

I love these mind-bending concepts, so again, thank you for your wonderful contributions to my ruminations!