A top 100 Cosmos Hub validator, Cosmic Validator partners with network navigator for devs & investors, Cosmic Compass

Cosmic Validator joined the Cosmos Hub active validator set over eight months ago after receiving delegation from the Interchain Foundation (ICF) and other well-known validators, Tendermint employees and Cosmos community members showing their trust in Cosmic Validator. While managing the validator, the team has been developing other products in stealth mode and today, we announce the partnership with Cosmic Compass (CoCo) Network Navigator. …

  1. Click sign in while you have your Ledger nano S or X connected to your laptop and open in the Cosmos app. Use chrome browser to access Lunie

1/3 of voting power is basically controlled by 5 validators

The only reason why the Cosmos hub launched before IBC was ready, was because a strong validator set was needed. Let’s not forget that Cosmos hub is supposed to be a central super safe hub in the Cosmos ecosystem. If the Cosmos hub is compromised that would affect the entire ecosystem having catastrophic consequences. …

Following the validator categories from my previous article “Cosmos hub validators rich list updated version” (https://medium.com/@cosmicvalidator/version-2-cosmos-hub-validators-rich-list-27891bb3f6ca), I have analysed the recent delegations from AiB and ICF round 3.

1. Light blue: Funds, medium/small whales (if your delegation is not your own atoms but one/two whales delegating just to you please let me know to update)

ICF round 3

300k: stakewithus, chainlayer

100k: mathwallet, simplyVC, dapppub, staking fund, P2P, Ping

33k: vali the thor, dominator, certify network, hyperblocks pro


500k: P2P, lunamint

330k: F4RM, Ion, ateam

Conclusion: if validators in the light blue category are atom whales (smaller or big, if you are not please contact me for an update), then ICF or AiB delegating large amounts to them doesn’t seem optimal to help with decentralisation

2. Dark blue: tendermint employees

ICF round 3

1.9k: Sikka


1.3 million: Castlenode…

“The future belongs to those who recognise opportunities before they become obvious.” (Oscar Wilde)

Sentinel has shown integrity and leadership since the beginning. At the peak of the bull market, end of 2017, they could have raised a large amount in their ICO. Instead, they raised one of the lowest amounts of any ICO below $2 million, not because of lack of demand but by choice. In fact, the demand was huge but they preferred to keep the valuation realistic since they were planning for the long term and knew the market was in a bubble.

Instead of looking at the CMC ranking, Sentinel has been focused looking at the github activity and productivity…

After analyzing the results/delegations/self delegation, etc. in more detail an improved “rich list” has been created. The color code is as follows:

  • Light blue: Funds, medium/small whales (if your delegation is not your own atoms but one/two whales delegating just to you please let me know to update)
  • Dark blue: tendermint employees
  • Brown: exchanges/mining pools
  • Red: revenue I consider definitely not enough to cover running costs (includes validators with 0% commission)
  • Purple: top revenue
  • Green: large revenue thanks to high commission fee usually
  • Yellow: mostly not covering running costs (infrastructure + salaries)
  • Orange: almost all delegation from ICF/AiB

I have analyzed the monthly revenue of each of the top 100 Cosmos hub validators with the current staking ratio, effective inflation, atom price and commission. I then also organized the results using the 4 validator categories from my previous article. These are the results:

First analysis:

Poor validators -In red

Validators from 76–100 I consider they are not getting enough monthly revenue to even cover running costs + salaries (unless they are getting close to 100% commission because most of the delegation are their own atoms). …

Just tried this again now and it works:

1. Install Tendermint KMS

  1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y
  2. sudo apt install gcc make libusb-dev libudev-dev libusb-1.0–0-dev pkg-config git curl -y
  3. curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh -s — -y
  4. source $HOME/.cargo/env (do again this if new terminal to use command tmkms later)
  5. cargo install tmkms — features=ledgertm

(Autolock OFF in the ledger)

2. udev rules to allow device access

  1. Check if the plugdev group exists by entering the command: cat /etc/group | grep plugdev

2) Add the udev rules:

wget -q -O — https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LedgerHQ/udev-rules/master/add_udev_rules.sh | sudo bash

3. Create…

There has been recently a lot of discussions and concerns after the delegation of atoms from All in Bits Inc (Tendermint private company). In order to increase transparency I have analyzed the delegations to each of the top 100 Cosmos hub validators (all delegations, not just from AiB) and I have then organized the validators in the following categories:

Almost all delegation (whale or small) from just one/two addresses or from exchange

These are basically a single whale delegation or funds/small atom holders that instead of delegating to other validators have launched their own validator. …

Image result for polka dot doesn't want to be in competition with other chains

From Bitcoin to Ethereum

Some people initially didn’t realize about the potential of bitcoin because they didn’t fully understand the concept and technology and thought that it would be quickly hacked. However, due to the public/private key cryptography, the way blocks are linked and the high hashrate, it is extremely expensive to change old blocks which makes the bitcoin history a trusted source of information and hence valuable.

However, people realized this technology could have a much higher potential and applications but bitcoin was very limited beyond the store of value/digital gold or trustless transactions use cases. Vitalik and others started to think about…

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