Analysis of the Recent Delegations from ICF Round 3 and AiB

Cosmic Validator

Following the validator categories from my previous article “Cosmos hub validators rich list updated version” (, I have analysed the recent delegations from AiB and ICF round 3.

1. Light blue: Funds, medium/small whales (if your delegation is not your own atoms but one/two whales delegating just to you please let me know to update)

ICF round 3

300k: stakewithus, chainlayer

100k: mathwallet, simplyVC, dapppub, staking fund, P2P, Ping

33k: vali the thor, dominator, certify network, hyperblocks pro


500k: P2P, lunamint

330k: F4RM, Ion, ateam

Conclusion: if validators in the light blue category are atom whales (smaller or big, if you are not please contact me for an update), then ICF or AiB delegating large amounts to them doesn’t seem optimal to help with decentralisation

2. Dark blue: tendermint employees

ICF round 3

1.9k: Sikka


1.3 million: Castlenode, nylira, Umbrella

900k: Iqlusion, Jack Zampolin, Cryptium labs, Sikka

Conclusion: it seems that AiB delegations are relatively bias towards Tendermint employees which hasn’t been appreciated by the community. Also, there has been a lot of discussions and conflicts about some validator in this category with 0% commission

3. Brown: exchanges/mining pools

ICF round 3

300k: Sparkpool

100k: huobiwallet


330k: bitfish

Conclusion: delegating large amounts to validators backed by some of the largest BTC and ETH mining pools who are likely atom whales doesn’t seem helpful or fair for decentralisation

4. Red: revenue I consider definitely not enough to cover running costs (includes validators with 0% commission)

ICF round 3

300k: Forbole

100k: stir, atombi21, cosmosuisse, POSbakerz, easy 2 stake

33k: sign capital, newroad capital


500k: Forbole

Conclusion: good to see some support for validators in the red category from ICF, however Forbole is in this category by choice with the 0% commission

5. Purple: top revenue

ICF round 3

300K: bharvest, validator network, chorus one, Figment networks, Cosmostation


500k: Certus one, B-harvest, validator network, Figment, Cosmostation

Conclusion: it is surprising to find here that some validators like Chorus One didn’t get support from AiB. Also, I wonder how does it help decentralization delegating such large amounts to already large validators

6. Green: large revenue thanks to high commission fee usually

ICF round 3

300k: staking facilities, Iris, chainflow, kalpatech, ztake


500k: Iris, SNZ, chainflow, stake capital, kalpatech, sentinel

Conclusion: Good to improve decentralisation supporting validators in this category

7. Yellow: mostly not covering running costs (infrastructure + salaries)

ICF round 3

300k: melea, dragonstake

100k: cyphercore, syncnode, genesis lab, wetez, delega networks, 01node


500k: hashquark

330k: melea, genesis lab, wetez, kochacolaj

Conclusion: Good to see finally support from ICF to some validators that deserved it before and were ignored by AiB

8. Orange: almost all delegation from ICF/AiB

ICF round 3

300k: commercio network

100k: compass, kytzu

33k: firmamint


500k: mythos, bison trails

330k: firmamint, compass, blockmatrix, blockscale

Conclusion: validators in this category should make efforts to try to attract more delegation and not rely only on ICF/AiB. Something important to remember is that there is still one validator with 100% commission with over 200k atoms from ICF’s first two delegations and doing absolutely nothing to support the community or the Cosmos ecosystem. Other validators putting huge effort got very few atoms as delegation or no atoms at all, I don’t think this is healthy or fair and gives a bad image to the Cosmos project, especially after most of the other validators and community voted Yes for the ICF to redelegate from this 100% commission validator and they didn’t listen to the community

Cosmic Validator

Our validator has also received delegation from ICF, however only 33k atoms which is not enough to join the active set. If you think we have been adding value to the Cosmos ecosystem and you enjoyed the articles in this blog we would be extremely thankful if you could help us get into the active set by delegating a few atoms to us.

Here you can see the validator and the delegation address:

Cosmic Validator

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