Backyard Chickens

Thoughts on owning chickens one year in: 1. they are smart with individual personalities, know their owners, come to their owners (next time you eat one, just know that) 2. they poop more than I ever imagined they would or could. They poop like toddlers. I have 4 toddlers worth of poop to manage each week. 3. their eggs really are different then store bought eggs 4. if you do not want to deal with a whole lot of poop, you should really not have chickens in your back yard 5. if you let them free range and do not keep them in a fenced yard, you will lose many in a year (by lose, I mean you will be feeding other wildlife). 6. Overall, in my calculation I appreciate my 4 chickens but I will be definitely doing something more to confine them to only part of my backyard and I wish there was such a thing as a fairy godfarmhandโ€ฆ..

Indagadda Davida ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ

Written by

Lover. Of people. And raw truth. Released a legal career to pursue a nursing passion. Mother, adoptive & bio (x4). Wanderer. Self-care & nap advocate. Friend.

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