The Suck of PMDD and Perimenopause

Time to change our experience of “the change”

Look, I’ve fighting the brutality of PMDD since after the birth of my third child over thirteen years ago. Post-ovulation, my energy drops and I feel like I’ve been thrown off a cliff. Migraines attack. I’m fatigued, irritable, and just pray to make it through until I bleed. Any cramps or heavy bleeding once I start are a welcome relief after the 10 days prior to it. I’m so ready to be done with all this. But, until menopause comes, I need to change my experience of this mid-life change…..

What can be done? Let me tell you what I’ve already tried: acupuncture, exercise, meditation, yoga, chiropractic, journaling… For the first 6 years, I refused to try medication but then it got so bad that I was certain my life depended on it. So, I’ve tried medication too — multiple different ones.

The only time I ever felt somewhat better was during a time when I was on a very low carb eating plan. At that time, I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons. I was doing it to look a certain way. I dropped a lot of weight. My ribs were visible on my back. And you know what? I still felt like shit about myself. Sure, maybe my premenstrual symptoms were a bit better, but I had a gaping hole my sole. And that shit hurt.

Over time, I’ve done a lot of healing. I’m ok with me. I actually kind of like myself. I’m kinder and more forgiving. I gave perfectionism the massive boot. So, I’m ready to go back and see if I can use diet and intermittent fasting to feel better….

I’ve tried everything else.

If you are suffering with any of this, please reach out. You are so not alone…..

I’m going to love myself through this change the best that I can….and I’d love to bring you right along with me.


Indagadda Davida 🍎🐍

Written by

Lover. Of people. And raw truth. Released a legal career to pursue a nursing passion. Mother, adoptive & bio (x4). Wanderer. Self-care & nap advocate. Friend.

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