Discovered The Most Distant Body In She Solar System

Astronomers have discovered the most distant object so far known in the solar system. Located 15.4 one billion kilometers from the sun. Or three times farther than Pluto.

Dwarf planet named V774104 and has a diameter of 1,000 kilometers, the researchers who published their findings at the annual conference of the American Astronomical Society in National Harbor.

It will take another year to astronomers accurately determine its trajectory. Because it is so far from the sun, unusual orbit could indicate the influence of other unknown planets or even stars.

So far, the furthest away from the sun was a dwarf planet Eris, which also has one month and orbiting whose distance from the sun moving from 5.7 to 14.6 billion kilometers.

Just to realize how far the Earth is 149 million km from the sun.
And let’s say the American space probe Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977 it was only in 2012 came from the border region of the solar system and now is about 20 billion kilometers from the sun.

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