IT And Marketing Director Need To Work Together

Collaboration Marketing Director and Director of the IT sector in companies is not efficient enough, and their different priorities threaten corporate success, the result of research of US-based business services for Accenture.

Study by Accenture, which was attended by 400 marketing director and 250 director in the information technology in ten countries, showed that only one in ten respondents believe that the relationship between them both at a satisfactory level. Marketing directors have stated that more detailed information about the main reason consumers and biggest motivation for cooperation with the IT sector, while the directors of IT and this reason only put into the tenth position on the importance of cooperation. On the other hand, the CIO is the main reason for cooperation with marketing improve the user experience (in third place marketing directors).

The research results show that the mutual cooperation of product marketing and IT directors wish more IT departments (77%) than marketing directors (57%). At the same time, 45 percent of IT directors believes that support marketing is one of their priority tasks.

Brian Whipple, global Officer of Accenture Interactive, he is convinced that it is necessary to reduce the gap between the two sectors.

“For the modern consumer, who for yourself requires highly relevant user experience to the digital and the analytical platforms, appearing as an aid in response to the company, directors of marketing and IT must work together much more,” says Whipple.

Neither are not satisfied with the cooperation of the marketing initiative. Approximately 36 percent of the marketing director claims that the IT sector has not contributed to the desired result, while 46 percent of IT directors said that the marketing department did not provide enough information so that they can meet business requirements. Disagreement concerning freedom and control over the use of technology and data makes cooperation more difficult.