The only OSCP advice you will need!!!

The Lab

Structure your work

Lab/exam logistics

#Start the postgresql server
root@kali:~# service postgresql start
#Enter the metasploit console
root@kali:~# msfconsole
#Create individual workspaces for lab / exam
msf> workspace -a lab_network (public/IT/ dev)
msf> workspace -a exam_network

#Switch to a particular workspace. All the scans will be saved in this context
msf> workspace lab_network
#Remove workspace
msf> workspace -d lab_network
#Scan the ports of a target and save the outputs into the db
msf> db_nmap -sVV -p- -A -T4 <IP>
#Retrieve the list of available machines from the db
msf> hosts
#View the open ports/services of a particular machine
msf> services -u <TARGET-IP>

TIP: Privilege escalation is the key to both exam and lab!!!





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cosmin ciobanu

cosmin ciobanu

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