Personal Finance starts with Mindful Expenses

Person putting a coin in a piggy bank.
Person putting a coin in a piggy bank.

Most people think that growing money and becoming financially stable is related to the richness one starts with, which is false. Growing money has much more to do with the strategy and the mindset you use to manage your money than your starting situation.

To grow your money, value them first.

I come from a poor family, for example, so I always had to deal with personal finance. When I was 13, my father decided to give me 10$ a week to go out with friends. It seemed stupid to me, but later I understood it was the best money lesson he ever taught me. …

Use the proximity principle to complete your projects

A writing on the wall saying “Projects”
A writing on the wall saying “Projects”

Have you ever noticed a decrease in motivation towards the ending of some projects, while for others you cannot wait to finish? Every time you approach the finishing line of a task, in some cases you procrastinate for days while, other times, you are determined to end it as soon as possible.

Wouldn’t it be great to focus and stay motivated until the end of any of your tasks? With the right knowledge, you might be able to do so.

The Studies

In the past years, many human behavior studies spotted a common pattern in the habits of their subjects — the…

Rule #1: Find a mentor

When I first heard about the 10.000-hours rule, I was disappointed. Does it take that much time to learn any skill? Could I master any skill in less than one year instead?

Short answer — yes, it is possible, but you need to use the correct techniques.

First of all, what is the 10.000-hours rule? The 10.000-hours rule is a rule of thumb, invented by Anders Ericsson and popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, which states that it takes 10 thousand hours of deliberate practice to master any skill. …

5 Tips to Avoid any kind of Unnecessary Stress

Woman stressing out in front of her laptop
Woman stressing out in front of her laptop

Either if you are a productive person or not, you may have read many articles on reaching high efficiency. But did you ever read about not burning out? How do you reach high efficiency without burning out?

You may already know how to achieve productivity, but what about avoiding losing all your motivation at once?

That is the problem with high efficiency — you use all your forces to get better and learn the best productivity techniques. Still, you don’t spend the same time studying how to take a break correctly so that you can recharge your batteries.

I love…

A step-by-step guide to financial security

Woman counting money and planning her finances
Woman counting money and planning her finances

If you still don’t have a secure emergency found, even tiny, you should immediately build one.

According to a 2020 poll by Bankrate, 40% of Americans would know how to manage a 1000$ emergency using their savings. This means 60% of the American population should ask their families for help, open a loan, or even sell their belongings to cover the emergency.

Also, Bankrate defined how only 26% of the familiar emergencies of 2019 were below 1K dollars, 42% were between 1K and 5K, and 29% were over 5K. …

The Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning

Coloured dish with tomatoes, vegetables, bread and eggs.
Coloured dish with tomatoes, vegetables, bread and eggs.

Even if I had some hints on the efficiency of meal planning, and its ability to make you lose weight, I never tried it. But, a month ago, the situation became unbearable. Finishing a master thesis while working was not easy and left me with almost no time for pleasure, food included. Hence, in the middle of a nervous crisis, I decided to enjoy my free time again, starting from eating.

In fact, I was rushing every lunch and dinner, developing a habit of eating fast, not feeling satiated, and therefore eating irregularly. …

Of course they are Deep Work and Flow

Infographic showing how to plan projects on a daily basis
Infographic showing how to plan projects on a daily basis

In 2016, Cal Newport invented one of the most fascinating concepts of these last years of technological evolution: deep work. The homonym book indicates deep work as the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. In particular, it explains how it is convenient to master this type of focus to deal with the new economy of efficient machines and geniuses.

Newport presented the following formula to reach high-quality work and become as productive as possible.

High-Quality Work Produced = (Time Spent) x (Intensity of Focus)

From that moment, deep work became one of the most relevant pillars…

If you want to learn something easy, wide, expandable and portable.

Lately, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world, so popular that anybody knows at least a little bit of it. Its high versatility, together with the enormous amount of packages and libraries the community continues to provide, have made this programming language an all in one suite you will hardly resist.

The key characteristics that make Python so successful are many:

  • It has one of the widest, if not the widest, collection of libraries of all programming languages.
  • It is a simple programming language that both beginners and experts can use easily.
  • It is…

If you love waking up late, you should know about chronotypes.

If you think this is another article talking about morning routines, you couldn’t be more wrong.

For months, I’ve been hurting myself, struggling to create the perfect morning plan that could help me reach high productivity peaks and get more work done, but I miserably failed every time.

I used three unique patterns, tried to wake up at unlikely hours, and also develop new hobbies, but nothing worked for me. I thought the problem was my resilience and my inability to build a successful schedule, but it wasn’t. All my other routines worked fine, and they gave me results —…

Use the traffic light metaphor to diagnose your life

I lived a significant part of my life without being able to distinguish between the moments when I felt great and those when I was worthless. The reality is it takes time to perceive the signals and understand when things are going well, when they could change in a blink of an eye, and when they are inevitable. This process is part of our growth, and all of us might find different hints to predict or prevent their future. Still, to do that effectively, you need to have clarity on where you stand and where you are in the present.

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