How to cross compile QT for Raspberry Pi 3 on Linux (Ubuntu) for Beginners!
Amir Mansouri

Hey Amir,

Great article. It synthesises information from several sources that are needed when wanting to cross-compile QT-written code onto RPi. I would like to make a few suggestions, though:

> when running thr Python script that creates the symlinks, it is not clear where the user should be: according to your article, the user should be in the “crosscompile-tools” folder. But, the Python script is in the folder “tools” inside the aforementioned folder. This can create confusion when setting the paths and links, at it may as well fix the next point ->

> as also noticed by others, the folder “qt5pi” may not have been created inside usr/local/, but only in /mnt/raspberry-roots/usr/local/. For the quickest fix for this problem, I suggest copying the needed files and folders inside /mnt/raspberry-roots/usr/local/ to the folder /usr/local/.

> the error “OpenGL ES 2.0 functionality test failed!” has also occured to me. By simply removing the “-opengl es2” arguments and letting the ./configure file decide for it, the error has vanished for me. The fix for this isssue is not so straightforward, as some header files need to be added in the file the error points you to.

Hope I helped others and hoping for some clarifications, also!



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