🎄COSMIZE Special Christmas Event Recap🎄

4 min readDec 26, 2022



Thank you for all your participation and excitement in the COSMIZE Xmas event 🎅🏼✨

We will continue to hold various fantastic events that we would enjoy later and bring benefits home. Just wait & see!

Anyway, there are many great masterpieces we noticed. Once again, thanks for your hard work and creative efforts. Below is the list of the winners for our ROOM Decoration Contest and Treasure hunt event in sky-city!!

ROOM Decoration Contest

COSMIZE’s “ROOM decoration contest” event has concluded. Since the start of the event, we received a lot of support from COSMIZEN and passionate participants. Let us express our appreciation for your participation and support again!

Finally, we’ve come to the ultimate prize. Many beautiful Christmas ROOMs have been built and are well-set, so it wasn’t easy for us to choose.

During the final round, we decided to make all participants be nominated for voting in Discord, there are 16 room designs. And finally, we have the winners by community voting!

Treasure Hunt in Sky City

Thank you to all COSMIZEN who participated in our Treasure Hunt in Sky City. We were glad to see contestants looking around for the keys, to complete the missing maps.

Here are the 15 fastest people who opened the ‘hidden box’ treasure:

🥇1st — 3rd: $80 in ASTR + $50 Amazon Gift Card /each

  • 1st Winner: @NewK
  • 2nd Winner: @shirroki
  • 3rd Winner @Matt

🥈4th — 5th: $80 in ASTR /each

  • 4th Winner: @nobu
  • 5th Winner: @Crypto Mi Penguin

🥉6th — 10th: $50 in ASTR /each

  • 6th Winner: @nagigu: Cosmize
  • 7th Winner: @ENOZ1
  • 8th Winner: @osa
  • 9th Winner: @musin
  • 10th Winner: @koedakaede

✨11th — 15th: $30 in ASTR/each

  • 11th Winner : @molamola
  • 12th Winner : @SleepyHead
  • 13th Winner : @babayaga
  • 14th Winner : @furious chamber
  • 15th Winner : @Sa_to

To winners: Actions that we’d like you to do ; )

🏡To all the ROOM Contest winners

To claim your prize, please open a #support-ticket on our official Discord channel and please send us your information below :

  1. Your EVM address (starting from 0x…)

🔑To all the Treasure hunt winners

Please do the same actions above, but please submit below:

  1. Your EVM address (starting from 0x…)
  2. Your email address for sending Amazon e-gift ※Only the TOP 3 winners
  3. Wallet Address in Solana Blockchain (Solana | Ecosystem) ※Only the TOP 3 winners

We will distribute your rewards in 10 business days after we received your wallet address (to all winners).

The sponsors

We’re not forgetting to say thank you to our sponsor for this Xmas event, there is AstarNetwork that always supports us ✨ and our new sponsor from Penguin Finance, thank you for supporting your NFTs for our event!! Without these partners, this event couldn’t be as fun and grand as this!!


Wish you all feel great and agree with us. The COSMIZE team would say thanks to the contestants in the Christmas event. It’s fantastic to see that so many people joined this campaign. If you want to participate in our next events, you can easily join our discord. We’ll see you soon.


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