Faith Is The Spiritual Understanding Of The Word Of God

St. Stephens’s Stoning

Medium has a great wealth of information that continuously rolls on the site. I never fail to find a read that grabs my attention. Today, after reading stuff from Zi Hu and Jiyuan Yu: “Is online learning the future of education?,” /dev/color: “Changing the Face of Tech in 2016 and Beyond,” and Aaron Nelson: “The Business Behind Your Business,” I decided to relax and contribute this piece for spiritual nourishment.

The Word of God, if taken literally, sometimes doesn’t seem to add up. Especially if you don’t allow the spirit of God to interpret it for you.

Last Wednesday morning as I was riding in taxi to meet a client, I listened to a Bible teacher’s talk show on the taxi’s radio. He discussed wisdom.

At some point in the program, he said, “…Christians need to tread with wisdom in their walk in the faith, even as they address elders; that Saint Stephen didn’t apply wisdom when he preached to the elders but rebuked them, which led to his stoning to death KJV Acts 7:51.

When I heard that preacher’s comment, I exclaimed, “My God! What a misunderstanding of God’s Word and ways?” I thought, “That’s far from the truth because the young man, Stephen saw Jesus in a vision welcoming him to heaven before he succumbed to the stoning (Acts 7:55 KJV). This attested that God was on his side — wisdom — for the testimony he gave.”

When you anchor your faith on God’s Word, let’s say, firmly believe that God is Jehovah Jireh (KJV Gen 22:8 and 14 KJV), it makes you see beyond all odds. It won’t matter how dire the crisis you’re in, or any other material needs you’re desperately in. Faith lets you see the whole situation the way God sees it.

Jesus had several encouraging commands He knew would come in handy for believers in times (today) of need. He foresaw situations like Stephen’s when believers would be brought before councils for questioning about the faith. He charged us not to worry about what we would say in defense, but to believe such scenarios would trigger the Holy Ghost’s intervention, and He would provide us with what to say. KJV Matt. 10:19. Stephen had faith in that and when the world thought he was crazy, he held on, then God vindicated him. He breathed his last with hope.

Back to my radio preacher. Later that day as I read my Bible and meditated on God’s word, my personal judgment was that although this teacher was eloquent, he was leaning on to his own understanding of God’s word. He didn’t have faith to believe God’s ways and man’s ways are opposed to each other; that the wisdom of God as spoken by Stephen was foolishness to the elders who stoned him. This preacher didn’t stop to remember that Jesus predicted Christians would be persecuted and killed for the Gospel’s sake. He didn’t understand that Stephen’s stoning was God’s perfect will and plan. Steph had run a good short race and it was his time to go home.

Stephen was a young man who had faith in God’s word and spiritual understanding of it. That’s what we ought to emulate today. God gives you the wisdom to recognize that there is only one name — Jesus Christ (KJV Acts 4:10 and 12) — under heaven, that we can be saved, and that the power behind that name is not a myth but a reality.

To recognize the power found in the name of Jesus Christ, therefore, opens your eyes to the words of Peter: Repent and be baptized in the redemptive name of Jesus Christ, and receive the Holy Ghost. KJV Acts 2:38–39 KJV. After the Holy Spirit has filled you, He reveals to you a spiritual understanding of the very Word that you’ve taken the step to believe. The things of God are only understood by the spirit of God who is in you (1Cor 2:14 KJV). You stop seeing God’s teaching as heresy.

In a real-life situation, if you’re a student in college or a young man/woman anywhere, and guys are out to extravagant parties, you’ll know your boundary.

Christian employees who come across tempting situations luring them to compromise their stand on what the spirit convicts them against, also demonstrate steadfastness.

If you live by the spirit of God and have faith in His Word, He’ll guide your path and give you the spiritual understanding of His Word. He’ll not fail to come to your rescue when you’re in any difficult situation.