Hally’s crush

Sitting on one of those chairs around the ‘Whistling pine’ tree at the Jimbazz Quandrangle waiting for BIO 151 practical class scheduled to hold for 2–5pm

that was after having a ‘marathon’ 7am to 1pm class on an empty stomach, i resolved to cool off with a can of coke and my favorite snacks; a ball of egg roll.

Mtcheww… Mondays were always hell.

That afternoon, the quadrangle was just littered, crowd of people all dressed in white coats (probably waiting for the practical class too), wraps of biscuits,

groundnut pods scattered all over the floor, some were tied in white cellophane bags courtesy of the ‘keep your environment cvlesn citizens.

As i hungrily munched my snack and sipped my drink, i noticed the air change, the air has had a neutral smell though, it was a scent;

a nice masculine Cologne… that kind that makes me want to bury my head in someone’s shirt… someone i know very well.

i couldn’t help to sniff around in search of who was wearing it. Suprisingly, it was close enough than i expected, the young man sitting beside me was the cause.

My heart raced…stopped and skipped a couple of pulse…

“Good heavens! My Crush of life! How come…? When did he get here?…has he been here…?” those were the thoughts running through my mind.

Sincerely, I could empty the content of the Coke can in a gulp but i recapped it and forced it into my hand bag, i cant really say if i was shy or not.

“Hello pretty!” you waiting for the Practical Class? i answered in affirmation showing my cute dentition, “So am i” he nodded. Something hit me on the

nose like a dead rotten fish or sewage material…i couldn’t place what it was, it should be one of those broken old pipes around…

“What’s the name pretty?” he asked, “Breeendaa!” i sluggishly said, i felt something inbetwwen shyness and excitement.

“Wow! Brenda, a name for a Princess. Wha if a tell ya dah ama really into ya, wha ya gonna say?” “Let’s hook up babe”.

The stench this time around ended up hooking my intestines and i felt they twisted as if plier was being used on them.

His breath… the rotten fish… the sewage material… No difference. So sad I blamed the poor old pipes.

I managed to hold my breath all through the brief chit chat we had. The tall, dark, handsome guy with the American accent i had always wanted…

I was cheated! I had a lot to say to him, i really wanted to talk for a longer time, i wanted to give him the ‘green light’…

I wanted us to be friends… His girlfriend so i can bury my head in his shirt and sniff more of his Cologne. I wanted so many…

But fate had its cause. Halitosis cheated me and crushed my crush. I never even got to know his name…

‘Hally!’, that must be his name.

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