Freelance is freedom. Freedom is progress.

This post is written due to a request by, however, it should not be seen as their promotion since I’m just starting to work with them, and I will report on their performance separately, if applicable.

To me, technological progress is the key measurement of success in life. This is the natural continuation of evolution which is the life itself.

Through a great many years of experience in Software R&D, I have acquired understanding of two human characters involved in the industry:

  • those who try and build business organisations (providing services)
  • those who try and build information technologies (making products)

I’m not trying to judge or to give preference one over the other, I just think I belong to the latter.

I believe I can securely speak of project performance (in terms of technological progress and business success) not just after seeing a lot of technologies come, stay and go over the course of my carreer, but also after taking various roles in a lot of various R&D outfits including leading my own (failed) start-up company.

One such role was a consultant and a tech. leader in the independent project/consulting firm where I have polished both my product-communication and agile-development skills. On that job, I’ve seen and made projects of different complexity lift off in weeks, or months at most.

To summarise, if you want to make a technological breakthrough, you should hire individuals who focus on project goals, not team-building. And you can see proofs for this all around: large successful corporations — which are deep in hierarchy building and customer service — commonly make advancements by acquiring small projects or (and this is the latest trend) just outsourcing technology development from project firms.

This is why I want to join the toptal Web development network in hope to work with maximal efficiency on the next breakthrough technology or application.