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A writer and cartoonist based out of New York City.

Like What You Like

trash wonderful

My friend Genevieve told me a story, about how after a few less-than-stellar relationships, she decided that in fact, she did deserve better than the losers she’d been with. She deserved someone who would actually care about her.

The impetus for this realization? Reading “Twilight.”

Can We Talk About It?

it’s been a while

Oh, hello there. Well, isn’t this awkward…I know, I swore that this would be a short daily thing, which then turned into a weekly thing, which then turned into me letting it fall by the wayside, but I swear, I’ve been actively thinking about it and I want to actually address “writing about writing/art/teaching/journalism…

Time Flies When You’re Having “Fun”

catching up…

Alright, so;

Teaching is actually eating up a lot of my time these days, which is why my columns here are somewhat sporadic. Any time I do have for writing tends to go towards fiction work. However, I’m trying really hard to wrap up my two serialized online novellas, projects I’ve enjoyed doing greatly…



(Author’s note: A shorter rough draft of this essay appeared at my personal blog two weeks ago)

A conversation with a good friend of mine about books, following conversations with other friends, and then the reactions of various new students I’m working with this year has revealed to me that maybe my reading habits are not the average rate…


…and loathing in the classroom

I was a kid when the Columbine shooting took place, when that rash of violent sprees in high schools by depressed and desperate kids, coming from backgrounds of being bullied, mental illness, terrible family lives, and who knows what else chose to take their frustrations out on the world through mass (mostly) peer-on-peer violence to…

Vengeance Is Mine

…sayeth the lord

First class of the day on a Monday is behind me for this week. Half of them didn’t do the homework, so they were all punished for it with a “pop quiz.”

Remember those?

Harsh and unfair? Probably.

Discipline is an odd thing in a classroom of young people, especially when you are…


i swear i’m only gonna do this once…maybe

There is a point here…really.

OK this is some shameless self-promotion, but Tuesday night I sat down with Lawrence Rosales, a fellow writer and the voice behind the short story podcast NEW WORLDS, via Skype. We talked crime fiction, football, influences, and he also did a reading (with music and…

Hold The Line

discipline, empathy, and the in-between

I jokingly told a fellow new teacher once at a department meeting that unlike her and her honest attempt to get as much connection between her and students going, I treated my classrooms like miniature benign dictatorships. There are rules, and as long as we obey the rules, everyone is peachy.


a man of many trades, all of them sub-par

Being one of many young and unrepresented writers working to establish themselves these days, I self-publish most of my work.

I use blogs to post short stories and comics, and rely on POD/digital e-book stores to sell collections and single-time projects. SmashWords, Lulu, Magcloud, etc…

Archive Dot Orging

i watch “hoarders” a lot

Over the past year I’ve been sort of obsessively working on the “re-branding” of myself as a writer online, focusing primarily on fiction work but with some nonfiction. It’s not too hard, the bulk of my writing for the past few years was fiction (I was a cartoonist). Before that though, I had a pretty decent run as a web…