Through The Eyes of Tumblr

Hello everyone, for today’s assignment I had the fun experience of exploring a new social media sight I have never been on called tumblr. Tumblr is a website that allows you to micro blog about topics and also post picture which people can like and share so other people can see it. This website is founded by David Karp in 2007.

Here is a photo of what the you’ll see after signing into tumblr. The photo is someone that does art as a living trying to get there work of art out and maybe get me to follow there blog.

On this section you can see the search engine that helps views look at other blogs or finding friends that use tumblr frequently. They can also give you a recommend tumblrs which mean the people you are following could give you some blogs you may like to follow. I thought at first this application was dumb and never really wanted to give it a chance until i started to work with the application i got to see amazing pictures and blogs from people around the world just like this account below me.

Here are some examples of photos people post on there blogs. I believe you should use this website because I really like the pictures which show the best artistic point of view from peoples work. When joining you have the feeling of staying connected with other bloggers. what i mean by this is that I like a lot of science topics which tumblr can know when i view or like a lot of pages so the application will show more bloggers and suggest topics to look into this specific topic.

Here is what the homepage looks like from the computer. you can add text photos quotes links chat and audio to this application. I believe a new feature to this social media is that you can chat with other people maybe a way to communicate with other people giving good feed back to what you like or have a good chat with friends. I will agree that tumblr is not something i would use all the time but i did enjoy researching and creating but also looking at others work.

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