Using Python’s PyAutoGUI and PySimpleGUI

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The 10 top commands, to help get you started in your Excel journey

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The top 5 qualities that supercharge team performance

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Learn the basics in under 5 minutes

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What is JSON?

Learn the basics of this derivative product in no time!

  • What is a TRS?
  • What are the different types of TRS?
  • Why would anyone want to trade a TRS?
  • What are the Risk Management considerations of a TRS?
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What is a TRS?

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Top 3 integration methods and what you can do with them

Finally a library you can pick up in under 5 minutes

Python libraries for building web (data) apps

Introduction to Plotly express

What negativity bias is and how to handle it

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Learn how Market Risk Managers and Traders manage their Risk

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A technologist with domain expertise in Investment Banking

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