Costbucket POS and Accounting software featured on Betalist

Costbucket POS and Accounting is a fully integrated all in one cloud based business software for small, medium and large businesses. It was recently featured on Betalist where it generated social media interests and numerous pre-registrations on its website from merchants seeking a solution to improve their productivity and efficiency. The software runs on an SaaS business model costing each user only $9 per month with full access to all features and when included with their 13 inch Tablet POS touch screen cash register for retail and restaurants, it becomes the best and most affordable POS software solution currently available.

Costbucket POS and Accounting is flexible and works with most of the popular processors including First Data and Evalon. Merchants have the option of linking their Stripe account via Stripe connect or apply for a merchant account within the payment gateway settings in Costbucket. As well as accepting the more secure ‘chip and pin’ (EMV) card payments and contactless NFC payments such as Apple PAY and Android PAY, Costbuckets’ 13 inch Tablet POS cash register includes a 3G/4G SIM card to support payment processing on the go. This affordable mobile and desktop POS device enables businesses to process card sales at a cheaper transaction fee in North America, Canada and the UK.

Elaborating on Costbucket’s USP, Founder and CEO, Adrian McCalla said, “Unconnected systems hinder business owners from seeing the ‘big picture’ of their operation. Competing products mostly provide each of our features as separate stand-alone products with very little synergy between the other important functions. Our POS is 100% connected in real time to inventory management, customers and accounting and our ERP is ideal for retail, service, non-profit and distribution businesses.”

Speaking about Costbucket’s complete business tool in a box approach, Founder and CFO, Clayton Bennett said, “We wanted to eliminate the need to acquire multiple software as well as automate and integrate several time consuming and potentially expensive processes. By making timely and valuable industry specific information available as standard reports, Costbucket POS and Accounting not only connects the dots, but also saves you the cost of consulting a financial analyst. Not having to manually key daily POS data into your accounting package also saves time and money.”

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