How to setup an ELLI masternode with linux VPS (on windows)

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1) Requirements

In order to setup an ELLI masternode , you’ll have to get :

2) Coins transfer

  • Once you get all the requirements , send EXACTLY 10000 ELLI to an address of your wallet ( some exchange such as crypto-bridge are not very accurate so send all your coins to an another adress on your wallet and then you’ll make a new address to transfer exactly 10000 from this address to another ). I suggest to label this adress with a clear name such as MN1.
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  • Open Tools -> Debug console. Now type in this console “masternode genkey” , it will generate the private key of your masternode , write if down in a text file.
  • Now we are going to gather informations about your masternode. Type “masternode outputs” in Debug console, it should generate something like this “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”:”1" the address is the TxID of the transaction of the 10000 ELLI, write it down in your text file with your private key that was generated at previous step.

3) VPS setup

Now , you’ll have to connect to your VPS through Putty or SSH.

Copy and paste each of these line one by one , it is the tricky part cause it involves linux manipulations , please be careful and don’t hesitate to ask to the community on Discord if you encounters issues ! Each quote is one line to past. Don’t forget that on linux , Paste = Right click ! It’s not Ctrl+V! Also, please note, that it’s normal that you don’t see you password after typing or pasting it. Run the following command:

When the script asks, confirm your VPS IP Address by pressing Enter. After that script will ask you private key - paste it from your text file (You can copy your key and paste into the VPS if connected with Putty by right clicking).

Then the script will ask you to install Fail2ban. I highly recommend to do this due to security of your VPS (press Y or Enter). It will also ask you to install UFW, and you have better to install it too (it’s a type of firewall for your VPS).

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While Masternode is being installed, go to Tools -> Open Masternode Configuration File. Add a new line in this format to the bottom of the file:

Please note that masternodename must not contain any spaces, and should not contain any special characters. Save the file. Restart and unlock your wallet.

Then in the SSH-console or in Putty window will appear the following:

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Go to Tools->Debug console and enter the following line into your debug console:

<mnalias> is name of your masternode (MN1 for example) WITHOUT brackets!

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Then press Enter in SSH-console or in Putty window. Now it will take some time for sync. Just don’t close this window until the sync is finished!

You can check the status of your Masternode anytime on ELLI Masternode explorer:

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