A Solution for a Sustainable Fashion Industry: An Analysis

“A Solution For a Sustainable Fashion Industry” is a TEDx Talk given by a Swedish man named Fredrik Wikholm in Göteborg, Sweden. This source is reliable because it is posted on the official TEDx youtube channel. TED Talks is a great source because it is well known and highly respected in the science community.

In this TED Talk, Fredrik introduced a bag idea he came up with. It is called the “rag bag” and it is supposed to promote recycling of clothing. When you buy clothing from a clothing store, you take the rag bag home and place a garment that you want to recycle into it. You can then seal the bag and place it into the mail box and it will be sent to be recycled by his clothing company. About 25% of his business is based upon recycled clothing. This idea is really good because it is convenient. The rag bag does not have to be addressed. All you have to do is seal it and put it in the mail. Textiles are one of the top five causes of pollution. Instead of constantly making new materials, the rag bag allows the company to make new garments out of materials that already exist. Recycling clothing does more than just save material, it saves a lot of water. If one t-shirt was recycled per person, then we would save 1.8 trillion liters of water. Recycling clothing is a sure fire way to lessen the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment.

Wikholm also says that “revolution is destroying the perfect to enable the impossible.” In order to maintain our consumption habits, we are destroying our perfect planet. Without its resources we would be nothing. Everyone contributes to this, whether or not they want to admit it. Wikholm points out that every single person is responsible for environmental destruction due to fashion. Clothing companies make you think you need their products. It is true that how we look has a lot to say about us and it is very societally influenced. It is as if buying brand new, expensive clothing plays a significant role in how we live, and to some extent it does. However, there are ways to look well dressed without killing our planet. Recycling clothing, purchasing second hand clothing and purchasing clothing made with recycled materials are all ways to lessen your footprint and still look good.

The rag bag promotes environmentally friendly fashion by allowing consumers a fast, convenient method of recycling.


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