Green Fashion Week: An Analysis

This resource is a website called It is a reliable resource because it ends in .org and it is covered by influential media platforms such as the magazine Vanity Fair. It is also partnered with influential organizations such as the United Nations.

The green fashion week is like fashion week with an environmentally friendly twist. It allows top designers to showcase their “green fashion” designs. Fast fashion is put aside for a week and people focus on the more sustainable side of clothing. When wealthy consumers see models walking the runway in environmentally friendly designs they will invest in these designs. Wealthy people generally have a lot of influence because people want to be like them. Because of this, people will want to buy into the environmentally friendly fashion industry. Green Fashion Week is a smart way to educate people about the fashion industry’s impact on the environment through the general population.

Other companies will create sustainable clothing options that are more accessible to the general population. Not everyone can afford environmentally friendly designs from top designers, and not everyone wants environmentally friendly designs from top designers. Peoples’ interests are diverse. Other clothing companies will see the attention that the sustainable fashion industry is attracting at a higher level and it will catch on more than it already is. More buying options will become available. Companies like Patagonia create clothing designed for the outdoorsman and they boast recycled materials, organic cotton and fair treatment of workers. It is a very attractive business model. People will pay more for this kind of clothing as well. Although manufacturing environmentally friendly clothing may be a little more expensive and take a little more time than mass-produced fast fashion, it is incredibly profitable.

Green Fashion Week is also very thorough. They cover all the bases in terms of being environmentally friendly. They contribute to reforestation efforts. Also, they partner with organizations such as the Allcot Group and the United Nations to release a sustainability report for the unavoidable emissions released at their event. They care enough about the environment to show how they are affecting it and also show that it is possible to hold a large event without using a ton of greenhouse gases.

Green Fashion Week is able to broadcast sustainable fashion in a desirable and attractive way. They make eco fashion something to be desired, which is affective because people are greatly influenced by what they want.