Patagonia Website: An Analysis

Patagonia is an extremely reliable resource. Patagonia is a popular outdoor clothing brand that makes all of its clothing using sustainable practices. These include recycled down, recycled nylon, hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled wool, reclaimed wool, reclaimed cotton, Regulator insulation, Polygiene Odor Control, and many more. Patagonia also donates 1% of all of its profits to grass roots charities and makes documentaries to educate its consumers. I trust Patagonia because it is an honest company that is dedicated to the preservation of the environment.

One of Patagonia’s mottos is “If its broke, fix it.” This motto is brought to life through a program they have called Worn Wear. They encourage consumers to bring in their broken Patagonia clothing to be repaired and/or resold. Worn Wear offers customers store credit for the clothing they bring in.

Patagonia also has complete lists of the textiles it uses and the factories they produce their clothing in. You can download their packaging policy, paper policy, and green business policy. Patagonia is very open about their business practices and this openness promotes a more trusting relationship between the product and the consumer. They take their impact on the environment very seriously and are successful in creating a dependable company that prioritizes the quality and fairness of its products. It is cool to be able to see exactly where the clothing you are wearing came from.

Patagonia also educates. They film documentaries about different wild places that they want to preserve. My favorite documentary ever, which happens to be a Patagonia documentary, is called 180° South. It follows the journey of a young man to climb Patagonia’s south face. While telling the history of the company, they documentary also shows how beautiful and untouched Patagonia is. After the viewer has fallen in love with Patagonia, the documentary talks about how people are trying to prevent a dam from being built. It outlines all of the consequences that the dam will have on the land. It makes you care about Patagonia in a personal way, which makes you want to take action.

Patagonia is very reliable. Many influential outdoor athletes wear Patagonia’s clothing with pride because they know that by wearing it, they are wearing something that is environmentally friendly, fair and durable.


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