The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a new global array of land-based gamma-ray detectors that will allow further studies in high energy astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics, especially those of the most energy-intensive phenomena in the Cosmos.

If We had Gamma-Ray Vision

Photons of varying energy flood the Universe, ranging from radio waves and visible…

Our ready-to-prototype generic high speed DAQ solution is based on experience with different diagnostic and low-level control devices that we have integrated throughout the years.

The digitizer part of these applications such as acquisition setup, clock routing, data transfer from the board to the computer, displaying signals on HMIs, etc. is not in the domain or of interest to beam diagnostics or RF physicists. From a physicist’s point of view, the most important part of…

I spent the time from August to October hopping from one accelerator conference to another. Here are the insights I gained on the road.

by Rok Hrovatin, Ph.D.

The tour started with the 15th Annual Meeting of the Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (PASJ) which took place in Nagaoka in early August, continued to the 29th Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC18) in Bejing (China) in September and ended in Moscow at the Russian Particle Accelerator…

SwissFEL is the Paul Scherrer Institut’s (PSI) new Free-Electron Laser facility.

By Babak Kalantari (PSI), Roger Biffiger (PSI), Sašo Skube (Cosylab), Tom Slejko (Cosylab), Tomaž Šuštar (Cosylab)


The new Free-Electron Laser facility is a 740 m long accelerator with the goal of providing pulses of light between 6 and 30 fs long at a wavelength of 1 to 7 Å at…

At Cosylab we have worked on multiple Particle Therapy systems and projects. From this we have learnt 5 things that are crucial to shortening the time to integrate the Oncology Information System (OIS) and the Proton Therapy (PT) system.

Each year dramatic breakthroughs and improvements are being made in the field of medical technology, improving quality, efficacy, and safety of therapy and ultimately improving long-term patient outcome. Many of these technologies require good quality information for optimal operation. The information collection starts with the first presentation of patient, continues…

Some 40 talented kids from a nearby primary school “invaded” Cosylab one lovely day. You know how kids are, BIG dreams, BIG ideas, limitless minds. We tried to match their imagination with an inspiring talk about BIG science, BIG machines, BIG accelerators, and BIG-BADA-BOOM experiments that mark the future of humanity.

By Robert Modic

We started with some particle physics basics

Through a discussion about accelerators the kids were able to discover which particles can be accelerated and how they are accelerated close to the speed of light. …

“There is something Napoleonic in me, as I like to build ‘empires’. It inspires me to constantly search for opportunities for growth,” says scientist and entrepreneur Mark Pleško, CEO and co-owner of Cosylab. But he doesn’t stop there. In the same breath, he adds that ethics and honesty are equally important values to him. And despite the fact that he attributes his business success to luck, doubtless, the basis of his success story is the intertwinement of ethics and ambitiousness.

Below is the translated interview which was originally published in the Slovenian Innovation Hub.

For a start, can you give us an overview of Cosylab?

Cosylab, established in 2001, is a world-leading company specializing in control systems for particle accelerators, radio telescopes, and other physics facilities. …


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