7. Крытый переход / Covered walkway

Переход длиной в 15 метров проходит между магазином и одноэтажным особняком. Высокие листы гофрированного металла делают пространство мрачным и закрывают вид на яблони на территории особняка. Есть ли более эстетичный способ закрыть жителей особняка от посторонних глаз?

The covered walkway is 15 metres long and goes between a shop and a house. Tall sheets of corrugated metal make the inside of the walkway gloomy and intimidating and сover the view of an apple orchard on the land of the house. Is there another aesthetic way to provide privacy to the house owners?

At first the roof over the pass in not needed. Originally it could be created during constructor works. And was not deconstructed after they were ended. Only a net will be suitable, to prevent apples falling on the pedestrians.

The second point: announcements are not supposed to disappear no meter what material will be chosen for a wall, covering the private house from the view.

So, the decision is to make a greed and to add beautiful pictures as much as announcements will appear here. Beauty and a mess of announcements will be in a constant struggle, but the greed will make it look as a conceptual installation.

The wall that hides shops will be changed with a transparent hedge or deconstructed.

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