People use JavaScript, Internet mattresses, password stink

Just a few updates and links this week. I don’t list them all below, but there’s several interviews from OSCON and DevOpsDays Austin in the Coté Show Variety Podcast as well.

Programming languages

XML, all alone on its own.

The RedMonk programming language index is out, as always it’s interesting to see how things rank and read over their explanation. Also, if you’re interested in coming to Spring Days in NYC or Atlanta this summer, they have a $50 off discount code right at the start as part of Pivotal’s sponsorship.

Best practices help — it’s right there in there in the phrase

Best practices get best-er results.

There’s two survey-based assessments of agile and DevOps out recently. The first is a survey and report from Gartner, with an excerpt above. Based on a survey conducted in October of last year, it shows how widely agile practices are used and attempts to make some judgements about the benefits of those practices, as show in the chart above.

Also, the 2017 DevOps Report is out. I must admit, I haven’t had time to read it yet. But, it’s always good, so it’s worth looking at.


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Pivotal Conversations: Cloud-native security & the three R’s, with Justin Smith by Pivotal Conversations —

We finally get around to talking about security on Pivotal Conversations. Just Smith, or guest, is the most humane, helpful security person I’ve meet and talked with. He helps out here.

Cover medium

Coté Show Variety Podcast Episode #34: Pipelines, you’re gonna need ’em —

Without a build pipeline, you might as well pack it up and go home. Matt Curry and I talk about all that.

SpringOne Platform is a fantastic conference for figuring out how to improve software at your organization: there’s lots of technical talks and plenty of business talks. Check out the 170+ recordings of talks from last year and you’ll see what I mean.

You can get $400 until June 24th, early bird registration and all that.

Links &co.


Internet mattress momentum: Casper had ~$200m in 2016 sales —

There’s money in Internet mattresses.

Smart phone shipments 2017 mary meeker internettrends2017report1

~9m/yr. VR unit shipments in context —

It’s always good to compare like things together, here VR headsets, smart phones, and wearables.

451 production use of containers screen shot 2017 06 02 at 3 47 55 pm

Notebook: 451’s container orchestration usage survey —

I collect together some of the interesting parts of 451’s recent container usage survey.

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The truth about password complexity —

I like a good password rant. Except this one is actually more than a rant.


In Trump’s White House, Everything’s Coming in ‘Two Weeks’ —

He’s like a developer!

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How Veterans Find Jobs In Tech (And Why They Thrive) —

Vets finding jobs in coding.

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