Oh, Instagram guides.

One more content opportunity to showcase your knowledge in the field and highlight your community. This time, free of all the SEO pressure. So you can write as naturally as possible and finally focus on educating without other restrictions.

From now on, you’ll want to consider how your Instagram posts will look like as you add them to a guide as well. Solid branding and similar topics are now key to reusing content within Instagram.

So if you’re already repurposing your articles or lists and turning them into social media posts, I’ve got good news. …

I will take you through multiple blogs from all kinds of industries so we can identify primary trends and preferences when it comes to how often we publish articles on our company blogs.

Spoiler alert: There’s no common rule that says companies from the same industry need to opt for the same post frequency.

I’ve chosen my own approach to analyze hundreds of blogs that are actively publishing content in order for us to get a realistic look at what a successful content schedule should look like.

The short version on how often you should blog

Yes, I know you don’t have time to read it all. So if…

how to create an editorial calendar
how to create an editorial calendar

While medium and large companies often have a complete marketing team to backup their content research, startups often have to start their content strategy on their own.

One of the hardest feats to achieve when creating an editorial calendar without prior experience is to maintain consistency while also catering to your readers’ needs and using content to reach your various goals.

So I’ve used my own expertise and reached out to other content professionals to help you create a winning content editorial calendar from the moment you set up your blog.

I’m taking a systematic approach so you won’t just…

Content writing is no rocket science. Until you realize it doesn’t work the way you want it.

That’s when most non-writers or inexperienced writers start to question the value of content as well as how Google chooses one blog post over another.

But let me tell you this:

There are no secrets when it comes to writing memorable content.

Just a lot of [and I mean way too many] things to pay attention to.

That’s exactly what I’m here to bring to light. 😉

Why I created this content writing guide?

The purpose of this guide is to help startups…

Your Go-To Guide To Email Marketing For Hotels
Your Go-To Guide To Email Marketing For Hotels

82% of all travel bookings are made online.

This is all you need to know to understand how important your online email marketing strategy can be for your hotel business.

While you might already be familiar with how important doing hotel email marketing is, it’s now more imperative than ever that you know how to do it right too.

Through this guide, I’ll help you put together a step-by-step guide to creating your next hotel industry newsletter.

The benefits of doing email marketing for hotels

To establish your own goals for your hotel newsletter, you must first consider each benefit of email marketing. …

Social distancing, an influx of unfortunate news, and the abrupt change to remote work have severely impacted their overall morale and motivation though.

This lack of initiative has expanded all over. Sally M. Fox, a copywriter from the UK, sums up everyone’s low motivation in one sentence:

“With no idea when this will end and no clear delineation between work and leisure time, my usual motivational favorites, future planning, and walks in the fresh air are off-menu.”

Motivation is one of the most complex concepts out there that can make or break our days.

Why? Because literally anything can be…

Previously, working remotely was a lifestyle only a few employees tried out. Now, every company has moved its “offices” at home.

Remote work is no longer just remote. It’s simply working from home.

The change, however, is all too sudden for most people who’re used to the office life. They aren’t ready and trained for this type of work in the first place. That’s why they experience similar challenges such as feeling stuck or unable to focus on their daily duties.

What’s worse is that organizations were caught unprepared, with little or no time to implement the best policies and…

People can only thrive in an environment where everyone is heading in the same direction following a shared set of values.

A healthy work culture has positive implications not only on happiness at work, but also on employee engagement and productivity too. As many as 94% of managers and 88% of employees believe that solid workplace culture can guarantee the success of a business.

One of the main reasons companies fail to keep their employees engaged is letting their workplace culture form as individuals wish. …

We’ve gone well beyond the age where projects were just numbers in a spreadsheet.

Over the years, studies have been conducted to better understand how we humans work and what processes need to be improved to make us more productive. All results have led us to understand that by nature, we are highly visual beings, not mere “mechanical turks”.

Humans can process complete images in a matter of just 13 milliseconds. This proves that we are by nature visual learners. Even more so, this has had tremendous effects on the way we work. …

Disclaimer: The comments below don’t apply to all workplaces and life situations. Change your tab if you’re a die-hard hustle supporter and come back in a couple of years.

A while ago I started a Reedit thread on how inhumane the hustle culture was.

Here’s what someone wrote:

My friends and I were talking about this today. Someone at his company committed suicide just last week and he’s still processing it.

We’re all working in tech in various fields and we were noting how fragile everyone’s mental health was. My UX designer is constantly in tears. …

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